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  • Hi y'all! I'm not new (XD I hope you know that by now!), but I was interested in knowing how something gets featured. A number of comments? A staffperson, S2S, Mod, etc. noticing?
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      That's an excellent question!

      Your latter guess is mainly correct. NMG staff members and volunteers keep an eye out on the website for interesting posts (funny, thoughtful, creative, interesting, etc.). When something is noticed, it may be considered for publication in an issue of New Moon Girls magazine (if you read the magazine, you've probably seen things there that you recognize from seeing in the online community), and/or it may be featured as a "Hot Topic" on the NMG homepage. (I'm assuming that's what you're referring to.)

      One way to enhance the likelihood that a piece of work posted on the site will be noticed by staff would be to submit it for consideration through the Share It! NMG tab (, but technically, any writing, discussion, art, etc., has a chance of being featured. :)

      Hope this helps!
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    • That's a really good question! And...I have no idea..(I'm not new either)
  • Hi. I'm new to nmg. I tried to post a message board, and when I pressed post it said it needed to be approved. I was just wondering how long this takes and also once they look at it if they don't approve it do you get a notification or an email or anything, or is your message board just not on nmg and thats how you know?
    • Welcome to NMG! It can take 2 hours to 2 days depending. The mods don't work all the time--so you have to be patient. As long as the message board follows all NMG rules, it will be approved. You'll get a PM otherwise saying what was wrong with your discussion. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me! :)
      • ^^^^^
      • ^^^^^^ yup
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      Everything has to get approved before it posts, and it usually takes anywhere between a couple of hours and a day. I've never known something to not get approved unless it is against NMG rules, so I don't really know how they'd deal with it - I assume they'd send you a private message, as that's what usually happens if a comment goes against the rules, but I don't know if a message board would be any different.
  • Hi I'm new to NMG. How do I do a writing entry and post it?
    • When you go on the writing page there is a yellow plus sign. You click on that, and you should be able to figure it out from there. Hope this helps!
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