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How to "RP"

If you are a newer member, you may have heard about "RPing" and wondering what it is.

Here is a breif description of what RPing is.

What is RPing?

RPing is Role-Playing. Where members make an OC…


Let us just CHAT!

i made another place were people can just sit down and chat about EVERY THING! From life to a lady bug this is a place to chat!

i know many people have made discussions about this but it's better to have more than one! Right! Hope you…


New Members Unite!!

So I was thinking about how lots of girls have been saying that they don't get a lot of attention and their posts get overlooked. I totally notice this and was trying to think of a solution and so I got this…



Have a conversation about potatos.

Word game

Hi so you read a sentance


and then you begin the next sentance with the last word from the previous sentance

.Ex: I like to swim (person 1)

Swimming is what I do for fun

(person 2)Fun is…


NMG Mentor/Mentees!

Hey all!

Well, the idea for this post is quite simple. There are always new girls joining NMG, which is great. And I know that lots of the older members love helping the newer members out by welcoming them, explaining how the website…


How to do EVERYTHING on the new website!

Hi, guys!

This is the place to ask all your questions about the website! If you have a question, post it here and other girls can answer it if they know the answer. That way we can all help each other out and cut down on the…