Working With A Difficult Person

"There is a girl in my class that I really don't like. My teacher tells us who to sit next to in class and she told me to sit with this girl. For example: I would getting on with my work and she would start to hum then I would say: "please can you stop", but she would start drawing on our desk or something. I would ask again but still drawing. I tell my teacher and she said if it starts again I should tell her. I start walking back and the girl would move as far away from me as she can . I'd walk back to my teacher and and tell her but then the girl would say "I need to do that because I can't see! " The only problem with that is she can see perfectly fine. I feel like she is stabbing a knife in me and every tiny thing makes it go a tiny bit further. Any advice?" --Anonymous

That definitely sounds irritating - I've had my share of experiences in dealing with people who just don't seem to want to cooperate with me. It sounds like she might be trying just a little to be annoying, sadly :/

The next time this happens, firstly, take a deep breath. Try not to let her get to you! State what you need her to do calmly and politely. "Please stop humming." "I can't concentrate very well when you're tapping the desk with your hand." If she's truly forgetting, or it's a habit for her, just gently remind her. Be aware that it's her space too, and that you need to compromise as well.

If you think she's truly doing it to purposefully annoy you, then you should talk to your teacher again. Even if the girl makes a big deal out of it, school is a place to study and learn for both of you. Maybe stay after class to talk to your teacher more privately? See if she's open to coming up with ideas to help you work around the other student. Assuming you sit close to each other, consider asking the teacher if she could switch your seats with someone else, where you're farther away from each other.

Don't keep frustration pent up inside of you. Even if nothing can be done for this situation, take each day at a time, and talk to someone you're close to about it. It's okay to rant!

Hopefully this won't still be a specific problem for you, with the beginning of this school year, and new classes. Even if it is, try one of the ideas above or talk with your parents and teachers about some ways to make everything work for you.

Best of luck :)


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