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Hi everyone! A lot of you, like me, are probably back in school by now. Since the school year is starting, I wanted to share some advice about teachers. Most of my teachers have been kind and wanted me to succeed in their classes. However, one of my high school teachers was the kind of teacher that my classmates were terrified of. Several of my friends, and even the school counselor, warned me that it was extremely difficult to get a good grade in the class. Although their warnings made me nervous, I promised myself that I wouldn't let this teacher ruin the school year for me. In order to get a good grade, I asked for extra-credit opportunities at the beginning of the school year, paid attention and took notes in class, and studied for all of the quizzes and tests. The school work was difficult, but I ended up earning an A in the class, which made everything worth it.

Hopefully, none of you will have difficult teachers. But if you do, I would recommend studying extra and participating in class when the teacher expects you to. Participating shows the teacher that you care about the class and school work. However, if a class is too difficult, talk to your parents or a school counselor and ask what they would recommend.

Have you ever had a difficult teacher? Share your thoughts below!


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