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Do you ever hear your parents, grandparents, teachers, or older friends talk about "back when they were young", or get absorbed in memories of their childhood?

Do you ever think about back when you were younger than you are now, or get absorbed by memories from a while ago?

Ever felt a sort of fond or sentimental sense of wistfulness over times gone by?

Chances are, at some point or another you've felt at least a bit nostalgic.

Whether in the context of memories from earlier childhood, thoughts of your old home if you’ve ever moved, friends who you haven’t seen in a long time, your former school, that old couch that got ripped to shreds by your puppy, or something else – even the old days of NMG! – most of us will probably experience nostalgia, to some extent, at some point in our lives. It’s normal to think back about memories, and, even as children/tweens/teens ourselves, I’ve found it can be both sometimes therapeutic and, on a lighter note, often quite fun to reminisce about “the olden days”.

So here’s the place to indulge in that reminiscence! Be as nostalgic as you please. What are the things from the past that you miss? What are the ones that you don’t miss so much? The ones you think of almost every day? The ones that only just came to mind, that you hadn’t thought of in years until now? And while you’re at it, if you know the answer to this question (it can be a tricky one, I know), what’s your first memory?

Reflect, remember, and reminisce away. :-)

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  • My first memory was probably when I was in the mall with my parents and sister, and I was probably around 3 or 4. Well I saw these gift cards and I thought they were just fancy paper and that they were free so I grabbed one of each. Well as we were walking out of the store my mom noticed I was acting funny and asked me what I was holding and I showed her, and made me take them back and apologize.
  • I don't have REALLY early memories, but sort of. My earliest memory was from when I was 2 (I am 14 now) and it was around when my brother and sister were born. It's extremely vague though, all I remember is walking through a parking lot, being lectured on things NOT to do in a hospital, then later "helping" make cupcakes (chocolate with chocolate icing) and also what I was wearing (a blue sweater with a giraffe on it). But of course I have no memory at all of my brother and sister when they were babies, just random things around that time. I moved almost a year and a half ago, and at my old house, there was a really big maple tree in the front yard that we could climb,and a nice old lady next door, and a lot of kids on our street, one of whom is the only person who's ever had a crush on me to my knowledge, and I found it SO funny. I really like reminiscing, this is a great thingy-doodle. :)
  • My first memory was probably when I was around 2 and I was climbing up a staircase, giggling
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    My earliest memory is extremely early, before my first birthday even. It's pretty simple, just my mother singing me a lullaby.
  • Awesome idea!

    My first memory was when I was 2 and me and one of my friends and his family met up with my family at a Chinese restaraunt. When we were finished with lunch, we ran outside holding hands with our parents chasing us and videoing us. Finally they stopped at a bench or something to talk and me and my friend kept running until we decided that we were tired and we needed to run into a smoothie shop. Then our parents came looking for us.
  • This is a great idea btw!

    My first big memory was probably when 4ish and with all my friends at a park. Everyone was running around willy nilly and playing a game but I had no idea what we were playing, but no one answered my questions because they were so focused on the game. I started to have a temper tantrum in the middle of a park. But then my friend, who was like 5 then(we're still friends), came over and asked me why I was sad (Btw this is from a 4 year olds perspective so it's super dramatic) and I sobbingly explained and then he just "kissed" me out of no where, at least that's how remembered it. My toddler brain thought this was true love, but really we just mushed our tiny faces together for 0.2 seconds and called it a kiss. xD
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