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NMG Positive Media Newsletter

Let’s be real, you don’t need to look too hard to find bad news in the world and media sources saying how much everything seems messed up. And while being informed and taking action when necessary is very important, there comes a point when that much negativity becomes pretty unhealthy and like that of a mental poison. Especially without any positives to help balance, and even worse when personal stuff in your life starts going awry at the same time.

Therefore, I decided to start a Positive Media Newsletter here on NMG where you guys can get a dose of uplifting and encouraging messages every week to help balance out this crazy world :’) And those very messages will be made by you guys! (and me) The newsletter will be posted in a NMG article compiled with a few items, each from different members (depending on how much we get), AND there is an option to ‘sign up’ (more info below) if you’d like to receive the newsletter in your inbox as well (so it feels more personal and specifically for you). There will almost always be a newsletter posted even if we don’t get a lot of submissions, as I only post a few at a time per week and will be contributing at least one doodle of my own depending on submission counts ;v;
Now, the nitty gritty stuff:

What can I submit?
You guys can make anything from art, comics, short writing, to finding positive news articles and making your own summary of it (more on specifics for those media sources below), but feel free to get creative! The only all-around requirement is to keep it uplifting (unless it starts out with a depressing thought, but ends with an encouraging counterpoint/lesson, then that’s probably ok).

Art: You can submit basically any kind of art, from traditional (as long as we can clearly see a picture or scan of it), digital, sculpture, word art, etc. When you draw/take a picture of it however, do keep in mind that when placed in an NMG article it will have to be longer by height than by width, or else it will get squished or sized down and possibly hard to see.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot of specifics with art other than keep it NMG appropriate :)

Ex. of mine:

Comics: Traditional (as long as we can clearly see a picture or scan of it) or digital is fine. Preferably don’t have the comic be too long, just long enough to get the point across.

Photography: As long as it's longer in height than width as explained above, photography is good to go ;v; if you'd like you can also type a captain to put below it (aka a sentence to paragraph about what your photo is of and its message, if you'd like). You could take inspiring pictures of the sky/clouds/trees etc, or whatever else you can think of that can portray an uplifting message <3

Music: You can write a song, sing your own cover of a positive song (with credit to the original song and who it was originally sung by; and make sure its NMG appropriate), compose an upbeat orchestration, etc, as long as its under 20 mb (megabytes). To submit, go to create an article (or edit an existing one without saving the changes, it doesn't matter) and click the paperclip icon to attach the music file. Once you've attached/uploaded a file, it'll show up as a link, and if you click to edit it (or just open it) you can find the URL to the now-uploaded file.

Then, copy the URL and add it as a link in the PM to me when you submit. I know for some people these music links don't work for them when posted in articles, so in the newsletter I will also add a link to an unlisted youtube 'video' with just the song and an image saying "positive media newsletter", in case that works better. (NOTE: Unlisted means only people with the link can view the video, and I will only be posting it to NMG, so only NMG folks will see your song. If you don't want me to do this with your song, please let me know.)

Short writing: This can me either a message you write or a short story kinda thing. Like with comics however, don’t make it too long (I’d probably cut it off around 3 paragraphs, tho for stories it depends)

Finding Positive Articles: Make sure the article you found is recent within at least the past 5 months and no later. Then summarize it, highlighting the key and important points in your own words in a paragraph or 2 (no more than 3, preferably). When you submit this, give me a link to the article, so I can confirm the date is within reach and it is legit.

Other: Feel free to ask me questions about submitting stuff not listed here!

If you’re unsure if your submission(s) follow the requirements or you are confused about something, feel free to PM me or ask here, and we’ll figure it out :D

How do I submit?
To submit, you PM (private message) me the media you have finished (don’t post it anywhere else here on NMG! Keep it a secret~) and I’ll give you the ok or let you know if something has to be adjusted. To send me an image, use the picture icon (by the link icon), and to send music or other files, use the paperclip icon. For article summaries and writing, just copy and paste them it into the PM.

How much can I submit?
As much as you’d like!! Though keep in mind I usually post a few things for each newsletter, so all your stuff might take a while to get out. And with article summaries, if you make a lot of these make sure they’re very recent, since again I only post a few at a time and some might be pushed to future newsletters months later.

Does it have to be something I created?
At the moment, yes. I’d rather this be a content created by NMG, for NMG sort of deal, and obviously we don’t want any copyright issues if I post something that is none of ours :’)

Either reply to this discussion board or PM me specifically telling me you would like to receive the newsletter through PM, and I will put you on the sign up list (that is private, it’s just for my use so I know who to send the newsletter to). TO CLARIFY everyone will have access to the newsletter and previous newsletters in NMG articles (to find the previous ones you can go to my profile and into my Writing section), the PM option is just there in case you want the newsletter also in your inbox for a more personal affect.

If you have any questions or need clarifications on something, let me know! (I'll be out for most of today, but I'll try to reply ASAP ;v;) Once I get enough initial submissions, I'll let you guys know when I'll be starting the newsletter (and it should go weekly from then onward).


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  • Mod S2S Mentor
    Alright the first issue should be going out next Monday!! (Jan 15) :D
  • This is so cool! I'm not going to submit something (tomorrow I start school so I won't have time );) but maybe next time! :D
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      S'all good!! (ohhh good luck with school man! I totally understand ;u;) Feel free to submit something (it can be really small, honestly) at any time! <3
      • Haha I just realized tmr is Saturday xDD I meant I'm starting Monday :P
  • When is the first issue coming out?
  • Could I submit something actually?
    • I gots my submission ready but I just need to figure out how to crop it....
    • Mod S2S Mentor
      Absolutely- please do! :D
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    I'm really sorry I haven't gotten my submission in yet! I'm really busy, but I'm trying as hard as I can to get it done and hopefully it'll be ready soon!
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