New Year's Resolutions

2018 is here, and many girls have made New Year's Resolutions. It's easy and fun to make resolutions, but it's much harder to keep them throughout the year. Whenever I make New Year's Resolutions, I always write them on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall. Here are some of my New Year's Resolutions for this year:

- Finish editing my novel and send it to publishers.

- Perform an original song.

- Get straight As in school.

-Write in my journal more often.

-Apply for scholarships and make money to pay for my college tuition.

What do you think about New Year's Resolutions?


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  • ok i just have a few more...
    - be more truthful to myself
    - learn how to do a double back flip (not flop) of the high dive
  • - face my fear of singing publicly
    - join nmg ( check)
    -read 200 books by the end of summer
  • I have a few.
    -make a comic
    -do at least 30 mins of piano practice a day like I'm SUPPOSED to.
    -stop putting off reading Frankenstein because it's too sad.
    lol I haven't done any of that yet...
  • I want to...
    -Finish my book and post it on NMG
    -Read as many books as possible
    -Get good grades
    -Eat healthier
    -Improve my art
    -Upgrade my bedroom
  • I like the idea of doing New Year's Resolutions and I have pretty much every year since I was eight or nine, but this year I didn't for some reason.
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