Menstrual Cycle Schedule

“Is it okay not to have your period at the beginning of the week in a new month but have it the next week?”

- Anonymous


Hi there,

Good news: Yes, not only is it okay to have some inconsistency in your period schedule, it’s also totally normal! Especially when you’re younger and/or relatively new to menstruating (although, for some people, this can apply later on as well), it’s very common for your period not to follow a precise monthly pattern. Many people might not get their period again for more than a month, while others may get it before a month is up. And the schedule isn’t always the same from period to period, either; you may well find, with time, that it fluctuates. (e.g. One round, it takes six weeks before your period returns, the next time it takes only three, the next time it takes about a month, etc.)

Of course, as a general rule, if you’re concerned about anything related to menstruation (or health in general), it can’t hurt to talk to a parent or other trusted relative (especially an adult female who probably has plenty of experience with periods) and/or your doctor. In this case, I’d say not to worry about it There’s a good chance that your cycle will steady itself in a few months (although that’s not a guarantee; I’m almost 18 and got my first period several years ago, but my cycle still has a tendency to be a bit irregular!), which may make it simpler in some ways, but regardless, no fear! Everyone’s body runs by a slightly different schedule, the schedule itself can change and develop with time—and on top of all those personal knowledge biological aspects, the day when you get your period can also be affected by outside factors (e.g. stress, sleep, etc.) Unless it’s causing you serious inconvenience in your life, having more (or less) than a month elapse between periods is nothing to worry about; to the best of my knowledge, it’s common, normal, and 100% fine. :D

I hope I understood your question correctly. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to send them along—and, since I gather you have your period, belated congratulations! :)

~ Sarah

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  • Thanks for this. Mine usually takes several months in-between.
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  • I was just wondering about that recently. Thank you for this!
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