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When I was about three, I had a nightmare where the world was full of moles. The other night, I dreamed I had short hair that got longer after it got wet. I love thinking about my dreams, and talking about them with others. For a while I kept a dream journal, and I still sometimes record my dreams in my regular journal. Sometimes I’ve also recorded symbols and people that occur in my dreams, and figured out which ones appear most.

I also sometimes get story ideas from my dreams. I’m working on a story right now set in a world where some people have powers (sort of like X-Men), and one character’s power, having a portal to a pocket universe in her chest, came from a dream I had.

What are some memorable dreams you’ve had? Do you write about your dreams?


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  • I had a dream that would make a pretty good Star Trek fanfiction, and I've been thinking about sharing it here on NMG. And there was one night I had a dream I had a Transformers T-shirt, and it was so realistic the next morning I went digging through my drawer looking for it until I realized it was just a dream XD
  • Those are really deep dreams!! They sound super powerful! By the way I would love to hear more about your story:)
  • I've dreamed that me and a friend were riding on a ferris wheel, but the dream was in black and white!
  • I once had a dream where I was going to bed and just as I was falling asleep (in my dream) the sun woke me up. I was in kindergarten or first grade, and I think I wrote that one down.
  • The night before last night I had a dream that Jacob from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was going to a restaurant, but then he found Emma and Hugh and Fiona and Bronwyn and all the other people, but then the loop broke and they were stuck in 1864. Then they traveled back in time and were in 1310. But then they ran through an invisible door and came back to the present, only to find that huge monsters from the Harry Potter world were coming after them! I wrote a story about it.
  • Writing about your dreams...that's a great idea!
  • I had a dream that two people were doing division.

    Aaaand that's not the weirdest thing I've dreamt of.
  • When I was about six or seven I had multiple dreams that I met fairies and went to a fairy swimming pool where all the fairies had to keep their wings out of the water so they wouldn't get wet. You can probably tell that I was totally obsessed with fairies : )
    • I had the exact same dream about a fairy swimming pool when I was six or seven too! I'm not even lying.
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