Here goes. I'm not so sure about this, it's a bit of a freerolling poem, and not much of a flow, but I think that it would be good to post it. It has a bit of rhyming, and some speech, and I hope you enjoy it!

Part I/Xenophobia/War


“You are not welcome.”

They said.

And kicked the foreigners out.



Muttered one Belize Citizen.


Sang One Brit.

How could they kick us out!



Spat one native.

“Ridden with disease.”

Murmured another.


“We are natives where we’re from!”
Said a European.

“We rule our homeland!”

Added another.

“How would they feel if we

kicked them out?”


A world war?

Territory battle?

Borderline fight?

What comes next?


Picking at the wound,

Watching as the hatred bloomed;

A rivalry so tough and strong,

Descendants must play along.


Part II/Xenophilia/Comrades



“Welcome to our land.”

“Mi Casa es su Casa!”

“Make yourself at home.”


Welcoming each other,

Arms open wide.


“Everyone’s a sister or brother!”

A citizen cried.


We sang together,

Laughed together,

Children now play together.


We share this land,

Yes, take my hand.


Don’t be shy!

This is your home too.


Your people? 

My people? 

We're all together, 

All the same.


Pick each other up,

Don’t shower them with shame.


Part III/If Only/Together


But it’s true!


Good times.


There was just,

Just one land.


We share this Earth.

Cherish it,

Pass around the goods.


Stop and smell the flowers,
Just for a bit.


Stop and smell the flowers,

Smell them

With me.

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  • I really like this! <3
  • Wow, I love this, I think you represented both themes really well.
  • Oh my goodness, Cloud, this is amazing! I love the way this poem flows and its message is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this! (It’s on the hot topics BTW, thought you should know if you didn’t already :) )
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