I was


Tapping the walls as if there was really buttons

An imaginative toddler in an plastic house

Exiting to find tall grass and reality


Engine runs sound behind our house

Loud airplanes block the noise of our dehumidifier

Shaped like a cow and made to protect our airways from

Delaware’s breath


Danish flags wave as I enter the school

A mean boy gives me the twisted truth, only thorns and no rose,

I hate when villains tell you what you don’t want to hear


Denmark is blown on by angry clouds, fabricating icey snow

Bringing our sled to a hill in the park

In which we blow bubbles in the spring


A new 7 year-old in a new place

Sun shines on my face as I laze in the pool

A straw reaches my lips and I drink gazpacho

Spain receives no mercy from the sun’s burning gaze


An American school on an American military base

Filled with American people

The only thing that’s missing is America


I drive in a taxi at night after a long plane ride

Quiet chatter between the driver and my mom

I gasp as we drive on the highway surveying dazzling colors

I can’t believe we live here yet


Now I am here

Surrounded by entertaining friends

Adults drinking fancy coffee

Iced coconut milk mocha macchiato please

And trees, lots of them


Washington has left it’s mark on my heart

Even though other places and people have too

It is now my home state

A beautiful one at that

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  • This is beautiful! Congrats on being featured!
    • Thank you! ;D
  • Wow. This is really good.
    • Thank you so much :) It took a while to write and revise, but in the end it was worth it.
  • This is really well written and descriptive.
    • Thanks! ;D
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