There is no place I have never known,

for I have traveled the world,

high and low.

Across deserts,


and frozen tundras. 

I have seen the cities and the nature,

and I prefer the latter.

Who wants brick and steel?

Who wants endless crowds of people,

rushing, rushing, and rushing around.

Never stopping to look,

and see. 

But what is there to see in a city?

There is peace in nature,

peace which is known to few.

So say I say goodbye to the city,

goodbye to brick and steel.

And say hello to nature.

Lets not forget about nature. 

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  • Awesome poem!
  • I agree! Nature is beautiful.
  • So. amazing.
  • Wow. Just WOW.
  • Amazing poem!! This is a great message.
  • Ooo, I love this!
  • I love this so much!
  • I love this poem!
  • This is great! It sounds like something I would write.
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