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I am a girl.

I am a girl with a voice.

I am a girl with feelings.

I am a girl…

Peace is a puzzle

A complicated puzzle

And we are the peices


We each have a piece inside of us

A piece of peace

We need to join hands

And start making our puzzle

Join hands with friends and…

The voice of the wind 

Whispering words

As I watch the world go by

A flash of color, a twirl of light

Are all within my sight


Fire flickers forcefully

Telling me the truth 

How I really…

do you ever think about how 


the people youve ever seen they and all


people youve never seen are all as real as wholly real as yourself as 


as yourself as the girl who sits in her car next to…


You forget to live

You forget the sun 

The wind

You forget the times you laughed,

Smiled, cried

Met every morning with a cheery wave,

Kissed each day goodbye

But wake up. Dry…

This is a poem I wrote...

Get up early

The sun’s not even out

Brush teeth until pearly

Try to…

There is no place I have never known,

for I have traveled the world,

high and low.

Across deserts,


and frozen tundras. 

I have seen the cities and the nature,

and I prefer the…

Bees. We are scared of bees because they sting. But don’t we have a defence? They sting, yes, but when they do, you get a little bump, and they most likely die. They are unable to tear their stinger out of your body, and when they finally…

If I were to draw myself

I couldn't

Because I would be drawing the outside view

If I drew myself there is no way…

All I need to be is me. 

All I need to do is like what I like and do what I do

And if people don't like that then goodbye to them to…

My happiness feels like a flower blooming pinks and purples.My sadness feels like a storm in blues and indigo coming from the sky.My compassion grows like a emerald green forest it will never stop growing.My excitement shines like a thousand stars…