Digital skills: unlocked

I accidentally deleted this pic, so here it is again.

These two characters “mayo and Cheese” are actually Maya and Chelsey, and are going to be characters in my new webcomic! I’ve finally learned to use digital art, and want to use them, and some other foodie nicknamed friends in a webcomic. I don’t know why I give them food names, so, just go with it XD


Chelsey (cheese): Chelsey is the lil blonde one, she’s probably going to be the main character, but anything can happen. She’s fourteen years old, and is/will be dating her crush Maya.

shes a dork and a  bisexu-whale 


Maya (Mayo): Maya is fifteen years old and obviously, is the one with brown hair. She’s very gay, and also very dorky. 


Some other characters:


Cashew (Callia) probably won’t be in my comics, I might add her in, but honestly she was just for practice. Still I’ve her though ;) 



Nutmeg (Maggie) will probably be in the comic. She’s six years old (might make her older) and I don’t know what to do with her XD


if you have any questions, feedback, or if you have ideas for characters PLEASE tell me!

art and characters belong to this croissant 

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  • awesome
  • WHOAH. those are soooooooo cuuuuuute!
  • aWESOME OH MY FLURBURGS! (bam just made up a word) They're all so cute o3o and awesome! They're all just fantastic and I'd say these are real skills, especially with the colors and the cute potato shape of the head! :O
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