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I've made a writing club before, but no one really joined. Here it is again!

Are you a person that loves writing and has dreams of being published one day? Then you are in the right place! Wether it's non-fiction, novels, poetry, or short stories, we are here to support eachother with it!

please fill out this form:

Name (or nickname, if you are not comfortable sharing your real one):

Type of writing:

Here is mine:

Name: Solene

Type of writing: Non-fiction, fantasy fiction, poetry. (i can do short stories, but i prefer novels).

Happy Writing!

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  • Hi guys! Do you have any tips on making an intriguing and interesting plot?
    • I suggest what Shira said and also something else. Try to come up with something unique or put a twist for example instead of writing a normal romance novel make it about the hate between two people or have the romance be between to foxes or something

      Or again instead of a normal scary story put a twist on it and make the monsters be dead crabs idk jsut think of something that you haven’t heard of people using. The more unique it is the more interesting it will be to readers also a good catchy title helps :)
    • Read other published books. It gives you ideas. And make sure there's suspense :)
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    • Welcome!
  • Name: Indira
    Type of writing: Anything
    • Welcome!
  • Hi everyone! i am having some writing troubles again. i can't seem to write a chapter to any story that takes more than three minutes to read. any tips?
    • I’m the exact opposite my chapters go on way too long! Anyway I guess the best advice I can give you is to just think of ways to poor in detail so that it is more realistic leaves a vivid image and is a better length :)
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      • Yes, two pages if I'm lucky!
  • So, guys. I have I bit of a problem. In November, I got this really cool idea to write a story about an island that has different dragons with different territories and elements that are at war. I was super excited to start writing it. But just yesterday I started reading the Wings of Fire series. Before that, had had no idea that there was an actual well known author who had pretty much the EXACT SAME IDEA as me! Now when I try to work on writing my book, i feel like everything i add to it is just copying Tui T Sutherlands. What do I do?
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