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Imagine, creating a universe, a planet, populating a world with people, creating culture, society, life...

No, no, no, I'm not talking about any type of God or deity, I'm talking about authors.


I know I'm far from the only member of this community who enjoys writing fiction, creating characters, and, often, developing settings or entire worlds for these characters and stories to exist within. It can be an incredibly fun, interesting, and rewarding occupation, not to mention a remarkably challenging one.

Many of my favorite books (from Lord of the Rings to Ingo to the Liaden Universe) are set in other worlds and/or include fantastical and/or futuristic places or cultures, and what I often find compelling about these books, frequently at least as much as their plots or even characters, is the in-depth development that goes into creating and establishing these settings. The same goes for my own writing; developing a world (especially in genres such as fantasy, science fiction, or speculative fiction) is often closely tied to developing the plot line that keeps your story moving and the characters that give it life. Sometimes, people may also develop worlds outside of the context of a specific story, simply for purposes of pleasure/self-fulfillment, further understanding of original characters, something to distract the mind from boredom, or even as a way of developing a new perspective to look at our own society and culture.

While I can't speak for anyone else, this pasttime of worldbuilding (whatever form it takes, and whatever the reason behind it) is one that I love doing in privacy, on my own... but it's also one that I sometimes deeply want to share with someone else. In addition, one of the best ways to work out the kinks of your world can be to get another pair of eyes and point of view to look at it, discuss it, give feedback, ask questions about anything that's unclear, etc.

So anyway, yes—preamble aside, this message board is simply the place to talk about anything and everything related in any way to worldbuilding. Whether that means characters, storyline, culture, history, geography, traditions, cuisine, language (for the latter, see also my Fictional Languages discussion!), etiquette, climate, government, religion, or essentially anything else you can think of, it's fair game here!

You're welcome to use this message board as a place to ask for advice regarding worldbuilding (and share your own tips!), introduce your world(s) and share random information about it, seek opinions on what you've figured out so far, and ask questions of others who post here regarding their worlds, as well as pretty much anything else you want that's related to worldbuilding in any way, shape or form. You can also ask general questions about your world that anyone can answer, to aid each other with coming up with areas and topics that we can further develop.

No matter how new or detailed the development of our world is, no matter how similar to or different from our own world it is, no matter what your purpose in working on it is, it's more than welcome! The only restriction is, of course, respect, which I know goes without saying to all you wonderful people.

Worldbuild away! <3

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  • I'm trying to create a basic timeline of the complete history of my world up unto the point at which the story takes place. I have four pages and I'm only a fifth of the way through. xD
  • I am taking an online class on World Building right now and it’s pretty cool
  • Me, writing: Let's not make this too complicated, so we can focus on the story
    Also me: The different versions of sign language are taught to different children, depending on their social status, and different areas of this world speak various forms of sign language and the more that it is needed, the more that it is practiced, as a result nobles tend to not know sign language, which is why the disliked nobles are often called the Tongueless
  • hOW do I make it so that they have the same language -_-
    • ?? I would help but I'm not sure what you're asking xD
      • xD oops I meant all the countries/continents/islands. Because they have to have some kind of common language, at least most of them, not just their native one.
        • Perhaps there's a common tongue used by traders, travelers, and most citizens? And the higher-ranking nobles and such speak a more sophisticated version, one that varies country to country? I hope that helps, as that's what I've done for mine.
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