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Wars - An RP - CLOSED/Starting!

A bomb crashed near you, next thing you know your fleeing the area. You have no idea what’s happening. The only thing that you know is that you have to run.

You and your family pack up important belongings. Then you race to the car before it’s too late.

Your parent starts driving as fast as they can. You have no idea what’s going on right now. 

Time passes. Your still in the car. Suddenly, you hear a loud crash that sends your car tumbling through the air.


You wake up and your in an unfamiliar room. A woman walks in a and tells you that you got knocked unconscious. She explains to you that this is an underground hospital. It was created in case wars got out of hand and people that weren’t apart of the army got injured. It’s also an underground society.

Sure, it sounds like a good thing at first.

But you have your suspicions. Why is it so secret? Why does it have to be underground? How did they find you? What is this underground society about?

There are other kids there, kids like you.

Together, you must figure out what’s going on.

But at the same time, you have to stay away from the battles happening in the outside world, which you still don’t know about.

Two mysteries, not enough time, can you do it?


The Form:


Age: (11-15)






Pet Peeves:




No powerplaying or godmoding

Romance is allowed, but I don’t want it to take control over the game

No ‘To be RPed’ I want full and complete forms

Don’t try to come up with your own plot, I have a plan

Try to stay active


My Form:

Name: Jasmine Kilroy

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Personality: Jasmine is a pretty nice person. But she’s very sassy. Which can sometimes make you laugh, or can sometimes make you annoyed. She loves to make people laugh though. She enjoys being silly and having fun. But she will get serious when she needs to.

Appearance: Long brown hair that she usually puts in a braid. Blue eyes, light skin, glasses without a rim, freckles, thin pink lips. Average height and weight.

Siblings?: Seven year old sister named Allie. Allie looks like Jasmine except Allie has platinum blond hair

Pet Peeves: People that are better than her

Other: She sometimes goes by Jazzy



 Jasmine Kilroy - 13 - Female - Bi (Ella Jo aka Moi)

Valah Diane Flennings - 14 - Demigirl - Lesbian (Grace)

Alex Gray - 14 - Trans Male - Bi (Vivi)

Sunny Shine Ender - 11 - Female - Pansexual (Tori)

Madison Chloe Arten - 11 - Female - Bi (Eli)

Tallulah "Lulu" Blackberry - 12 - Female - Unsure (Mariam

Vivian "Vivi" Bennett - 13 - Female - Straight (Zoë Dragonlily)

Kallista Thalassa Nikos - 12 - Female - Pansexual (Len The Astronomer)

Kayla Jonas - 12 - Female - Unknown (Beth)




Saved Spots:






Alright, let’s get dis party started!


PROMPT UPDATE: Since the nurse isn't coming back, you decide to leave your room. Maybe because you're looking for your siblings, maybe just looking for family in general, or maybe you're just sick of lying in a bed all day! This is supposedly where we all meet each other.

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  • Jasmine: “Allie, do you know where mom and dad are?” I ask my sister. She shakes her head. Maybe those other kids would know. But right now I don’t really feel like looking around for people I don’t even know
  • Please don’t let this die
  • Bump
  • Bump
  • Vivi: maggie’s getting cranky she just woke up from her nap which was cut short by like 30 minutes so she’s upset about that and she’s hungry and she wants a blanket and she wants toys and she wants mommy. WHAT DO I DO!!!!????. I decided to walk around and find a nurse or someone who might have food and toys.
  • Kallista:
    I walk around the hallway for a bit longer, practically screaming my sisters' names. "Nyx! Cassiopeia! Dree! Where are you guys?!" I yell. Where are they?! No one answers, and I eventually give up. I head back to my room and start to cry. I don't typically EVER cry, what has my experience here done to me?
  • Alex: Since I don't see the nurse coming back I walk out of my room I see some other people but I stick to myself and examine what's happening.
  • Lulu: I call out my family ‘s names. I hear someone say, “Lulu, is that you?” It sounded like Ruby! “Yes, it’s Lulu! Is that you Ruby?” I ask. “Yes. It’s Ruby! I’m in the room in front of you!” She replies. I open the door to that room. And there is Ruby sitting on her bed. “Ruby!” I yell. I go up and hug her. I start to cry happy tears.
  • Vivi: I just asked the nurse for Maggie. I Jester towards the the two-year-old asleep on my shoulder. The nurse brought her to me. she said she was just in the room next-door so maybe check the room next to your the room I say. do you want me to help I asked politely.
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