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(I don't think this exists already, my apologies if it does).

So I find myself often with opinions that other people don't agree with (not necessarily big things but just stuff), so here is a place to share all your unpopular opinions.



  1. Try to keep the political stuff light (just because it can easily rile people up) but if you are going to talk politics, don't get too targeting. Nothing like "Drumpf supporters are stupid" or "Liberals are annoying." The same goes for religion; don't target other groups.

  2. !!!this is important!!!>Please don't start arguments. A little bit of talk/debate is fine (as long as it doesn't devour the rest of the discussion), but if someone has an opinion you don't agree with, don't tell them that their opinion is stupid or invalid. The point of this message board is for people to voice opinions that others don't share.

  3. Don't share general things (ex: "I believe in equality") because things like that aren't really unpopular opinions.

         4. Do not target specific groups of people.

         5. Do not gang up on one person with a different opinion.

NOTE: IF A DEBATE IS MORE THAN A PAGE LONG PLEASE CONTINUE IT HERE SO IT DOESN'T CLOG UP THE DISCUSSION. Debating is fine, but when it overtakes the rest of the board it needs to be moved because this board isn't just for debate.

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  • you cant be pro life and pro gun at the same time :)
    thats just an unpopular fact
    • I guess not....
    • I agree, although I’m curious what your definition of “pro gun” is. To me, it’s anyone who puts the right to bear arms over human lives. I think one can still use or recognize the value of guns and support gun control. In rural Alaska, guns are essential part of the subsistence lifestyle, but I don’t believe they have much of a place outside hunting.

      I’d also extend this to say that you shouldn’t call yourself pro life if you are against free/affordable healthcare and a livable minimum wage. “Pro life” shouldn’t just apply to fetuses, it should mean you want everyone to have a long, safe, and healthy life.
      • Yeah, my definition is pretty much the same as yours. Imo guns are fine for hunting and in certain cases for self protection.
    • Sorry I’m confused. Is that your opinion?
      • no!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        but i see people saying how pro life they are but they support murder weapons (guns) ???? how can you be pro life and support something that kills people it doesnt make sense
  • apparently this is unpopular but if youre against gay marriage or homosexuality youre a homophobe ??
    • ?? that seems weird to me, but I guess??
    • Yes. Yes you are.
    • I think so.
This reply was deleted.

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