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Ticks! Help!

I have a very big fear of ticks. You know, the little bugs that hide in bushes and grass, latch on to animals (and people!), and suck blood. Yesterday my dad got two ticks, and the day before that my sister got one, and a few weeks before that, my mom got one. i've been really scared. I need help!

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  • omg this helps me too yay!
  • I can see why you're afraid. I've only had 1 tick in my entire life and I assure you, if you wear long pants when hiking, spray yourself with bug spray, and avoid tall grass as much as possible, you will probably be fine. If you do get a tick though, ask and adult to gently remove it and rub rubbing alcohol on the place where you got bit. Then I strongly suggest you stick the tick in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer.
  • I hate ticks too. Just try not to walk in tall grass and spray yourself with bug spray. That's what I do and I've never gotten any ticks.
  • One way to steer clear of ticks, that works for me, is staying out of tall grass, and other tall patches of plants.
  • I agree! Ticks are kind of disgusting and I can see why you are afraid. I have a fear of Leaches. They are gross! I think your best bet is to not rub your head on your family members with ticks and try not to think about it to much. UNICORNS!!! See? It helps to not think about the things that are really bugging you and getting to you. I hope this helps and good luck. :]
  • Me too! I always check myself before I shower each day, which is a good method because it takes them a full 24 hours to actually latch on, so they couldn't have done much harm before I noticed them.
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    Just like Jonah mentioned, check yourself over before you shower or go to bed. Ask your mom or sister or other person you're comfortable with to check your back and head. Also, bug spray really helps! Some kinds are specially to keep ticks away, but really any bug spray should work fine. Spray your legs and feet for sure, and anywhere else you need. I live in an area with some ticks (not tons though) and just use bug spray and check yourself. You should be fine :)
  • I know what you mean. My dad has had two, so far this year. Just check yourself over before you take a shower or go to bed and you should find any that might be on you.
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