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The Three Kingdoms


There were once three kingdoms, Electron the kingdom of lightning, Cyclonia the kingdom of air, and Atlantis the kingdom of water. In charge of the kingdoms each was a queen, these queens were close friends, and wanted to see what their magic would do when mixed. As the magic of Electron, Cyclonia and Atlantis was mixed, it created a force stronger than life, this force blew the three crystals controlling the magic of the kingdoms off the base of their crowns. The base of the crowns remain in the kingdoms, but the crystals still remain missing to this day.



After the crystals went missing, a war begun, (this was because everyone wanted to be heir to the throne), The three kingdoms fought against each other, it was friends fighting friends, family going against each other, and only three girls (Lilly of Electron, Heather of Cyclonia and Flo of Atlantis) remained close. These girls organised a quest to find the crystals to become heir to the throne of their kingdom (that’s where you guys come in!)


You will need to choose:

Name: Anything you want (last name optional)

Age: Lower than 30 but higher than 7

Appearance: What you look like

Kingdom: Electron, Cyclonia or Atlantis

Special Facts: Just some special facts about your character (optional)

Other: Other facts we would want to know (optional)

Here’s mine:

Name: Chloe

Age: 25

Appearance: Has long ginger hair, usually tied back in a high ponytail, her small (but dainty) nose has a neat line of freckles, her eyes are a piercing green and she likes to wear black.

Kingdom: Cyclonia

Special Facts: Chloe likes being called Chlo.

Other: She doesn’t really care if she doesn’t find the crystals.




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  • Flo: "people of Atlanis, I have been chosen to lead you to find the crystals! A select few of you have been chosen to join me. Their names are: Hazel, *Corra *Kira," I continue to list off the names, totaling up to 15 (To many?) then i say "We leave at dawn tomorrow. Meet me in the square with supplies. And be warned, I do not take lightly to mutany. I, like many others can read minds if i choose to" (Is this ok Emily?)
  • Lily:
    *Yelling* and I can read people’s mind, so don’t even bother to try and hide secrets from me.
  • Lily:
    *Grumbling* Fine then Cedar, you lead a group of 1872 fellow Electronians or in other words, the kingdom of Electron!
  • Cedar:
    *Muttering* Controller of fears, maker of sky, make these people cower and hide!! Timora!!
  • Cedar:
    *Thinking* Why must SHE always be the one trying to act courageous. Everyone have fears. Why should she be any different!!
  • Lily:
    Or not.
  • Lily:
    I have decided to lead the army troops! Fellow Electroninians, FOLLOW ME!
  • Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been on this message board much. I just want to say, LET THE ROLE PLAY BEGIN!!!
    Here is how you do it, I’ve decided to play Lily, oh, and Anwen, I’ve just used Cedar as an example:
    Lily: Come on! I shall lead the army troops!
    Cedar: *Thinking* I’m lulling her into a false sense of security.
    There is my example. If your character is yelling, write *yelling* or whispering. Hope you enjoy the role play, & remember, anyone can join any time. Enjoy!!!
  • Can I write a book about this??????
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