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The Authors--An RP (Always Open)


The year is 2069. Earth has managed to survive with the few natural resources the citizens have left. Five major cities around the world have bonded and made a whole nation as one; the cities are New York, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Cairo, and they bonded to create a nation called Elysium. They have agreed to laws that prevent overpopulation, pollution, war, injustice, and inequality...basically a futuristic utopia. Of course, utopias are never quite as they seem. The children and young adults of this nation have found that a major part of life has been missing for a very long time: the arts. Upon further investigation, they realize that, after Elysium's government found that independent thinking was dangerous, they banned all forms of art, music, sports, literature and film/photography. Desperate to be individualistic, the youngest members of Elysium create a secret, illegal organization called 'The Authors'. The Authors strive to discover every piece of literature and film they can, and learn everything they can about the arts while defying the government of Elysium by doing the most dangerous thing possible: being themselves.


This takes place far into the future, so the world is extremely polluted. There are very few natural elements in this world, most of it taken up by construction and cities. Since the cities can't expand outwards, they expand upwards, and every city has many, many sky-scrapers that are now more common than ever. Buildings are very efficient but upon further inspection, you may notice that cities and buildings are falling apart at the seams. Evidently, the human race is going downhill. 

A few illegal things in Elysium

Makeup—believed to be selfish and a form of art

Religion—believed to be exclusive and therefore unfair

Art—believed to be dangerous

Books (do not include school textbooks)—believed to be worthless and a waste of time

Cars—add to pollution in Elysium (citizens may use bicycles)

Pets—believed to be a waste of space




No powerplaying/godmodding

Please be kind and considerate

Be respectful of all RPers opinions/ideas but please try and avoid taking over the RP

Please add as much detail as possible on the form. Interesting characters are the best to RP! :D

Limit is two characters

and without further ado....

The Form


Age (6-18):




Personality (no 'to be RPed'!):



Open to dating (yes/no):


My Form

Name: Nadia Arya Commandant

Age (6-18): 16

Gender: female 

Sexuality: pansexual

Appearance: Nadia has a unique complexion: her skin is a smooth, unimpaired brown color. It looks fragile though, as if if you were to touch it, it would crumble like sand. Her eyes are almond shaped and brown (almost black), and are lined with long eyelashes. Her hair is cropped hanging just above her shoulders, and has a surprising soft waviness to it, like the ripples on a still body of water. Her nose is pronounced, but the main attraction of her face are her lips, which are soft, and a light pink color that stands out from the rest of her face. Her lower lip is rounded and smooth. When Nadia smiles, her lips give way to radiant, perfect teeth. She is average height and wears faded jeans and t-shirts usually. She stands with confidence and dignity, though her nervous, fiddling finger often betray her confidence. Nadia cares what people think of her just a little bit too much, but tries to remain loyal to her own styles. She sometimes wears small earrings or a bracelet, but her concern for her appearance stops there. 

Personality (no 'to be RPed’!): Nadia is one of the common citizens of Elysium who often wears a figurative mask. She is quiet, smart, and obeys the laws and lifestyle of her nation, but constantly ponders the conformity of her society. She is in fact, a very independent thinker, but her independence stops there. At the word ‘thinker’. She avoids talking if it’s not required, but enjoys having coversations with people once she’s in them. Nadia is a very peace-bound person, and will do anything for overall peace. Surprisingly, she is quite stubborn and likes to stick with her own ideas, making herself a leader type of sorts. She is very systematic and can’t stand a messy timetable or unproductive person. 

Likes: Nadia prefers rainy days to sunny ones, and takes comfort in the things that don’t change around her. She enjoys her studies, being with her family, and taking long walks at night. She revels in the stars and is an overall night person. 

Dislikes: disagreements, prejudice, loud children, and anything too sweet. 

Open to dating (yes/no): Yes! I would prefer it if Nadia could be matched with someone of her shared interests if anyone wants to have their characters date her. 




d r a g o n w i s h

woter bad





Sheenagh The Slitherclaw

Aurora the Ravenclaw

Tiino Tortiilla

Revolutionary Lilac

Anwen water’s happening?

No water Virginia

Rowan the Reader

Thank you! I'm hoping this RP gets off the ground! :D We'll start when there are enough RPers and I've posted a prompt.

Note: this will take place in New York City. Your characters may start in a seperate city (as long as it's part of Elysium), but make sure you end up in New York before too long. Thank you!

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  • Eonni:

    "Okay. Kiarah, do you want tea?" I'm glad we were able to change the subject-- I think everyone was uncomfortable.
  • Ami: I look towards Kiarah, a little embarrassed.
  • Annika: "Me, please!"
  • Rayna: "Umm I'll have tea." I say.
  • Eonni:

    I smile a bit --as much as one can smile in this situation-- and grab four cups.

    "Anyone else want tea?" I inquire.
  • Annika: I smile at her.
  • Eonni:

    "Splendid." I dig a kettle out of a drawer, fill it with water and set it on the stove to boil.
    • Grace, Can our characters be friends?
      • Sure!
This reply was deleted.

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