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In the Realm of Garha, nature thrives. Gaha is inhabited by beings called Spirits. Each type has a human form that looks somewhat animal like, but their true form is those of animals (Lynx, Stags, Tigers, or Penguins). With training, all of the inhabitents can control elemts of nature (known as the Elements) in a limited way. Theese Spirits were once ruled by Humans, true Humans, with no animal form. Humans were the only beings who knew how to fully control the Elements, but could teach the Spirits to control them less-powerfully. (Except if controlling a specific Element came with the Spirts' abilities). The Humans ruled the Spirits peacfully for centries, until one day when a mysterious sickness hit them and they suddenly died off. All order was thrown out of balance. and the Spirits started fighting over which type should rule. Thus, the War started. The first thing each side did was find anybody who learned how to control the Elements, and put them on the front lines. So, as the War has been going for seventy years, almost all of the Spirits who know how to control the Elements have died, and those who are still alive are either too old to do much or are hiding from the war. For either reason, the Spirits who know how to control the Elements don't teach anyone else how to, so the knowledge of how to control  the Elements is pretty much lost. At age fourteen, you are required by your kind to enter the war, so you, once you've turned fouteen, enroll. Once you've filled out your application, you get a notice saying that you must meet at the house adressed 114. You go there, and find there is no military, but a small handfull of other Spirits your age and Amealia of the Humans, the last Human Queen to ever rule's will.

Here's a breakdown of each Spirit and their abilities: 


Thought to be the strongest of the Spirits, Tigers are towering creatures, with the reflexes of a predator. They have keen eyesight and a sharp sense of smell, so strong that they can detect emotions. They are good at reading creatures of any kind, and even though they have no control ofany of the Elements, they have a strong connection with nature and can communicate with any part of the wild, such as plants, animals, and Spirits.




Lynx are cunning and full of trickery. They are smaller than most predators, so they usually rely on brains rather than brawn. They have a unique connection to the snow and stars, becoming telepathic during full moons and being at their strongest\most comfortable in the snow.




The smallest abd scrawnyest of the spirits, Penguins are more commonly laughed at than taken seriously. They can survive in very cold conditions and swim, but have no magic, speacial abilities, or control of the elements, except if you count the rumors of them becoming stronger than tigers and going crazy when threatened..... but those are just rumors, right?



Soft, sensitive, with an endless appertite, Stags are very in-tune with the plants and nature around them, and have the ability to control the Earth. Whatever the gender, they have large, smooth, antlers.


And here's all the Elements:








Everthing is fine, (romance, ect.) as long as it's NMG appropriate.


Whew, that took a while! This is my first roleplay, so tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. 'And most importantly, have fun! Oh, and here's the form:



Spirit Type:



Anything Else You'd Like to Add:


Here's mine:



Spirit Type: Lynx

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Description: Zarah is shy and quiet, but funny and nice once you get to know her. She's insicure and doesn't think very highly of herself, always putting other's needs before her. She's very uncomfortable talking about her past and her in general, or just not talking at all, for that matter. She's a very hard egg to crack, so getting her to volentarily talk to you is a big accomplishment. She's very talkitive inside her head, though, comparing other people to her and thinking, thinking, thinking. She's very fond of books and chocolate and rarley shifts into her true form. She has shoulder-length black hair, light blue eyes, and freckles as a human, with light markings that indecate whiskers, ears, and stripes on her face. As a lynx, she has silver fur with light gray stripes on her face and tail, and big paws.

Anything Else You'd Like to Add: Nothing for now :)


So, that's it! I'm excited to do this!

Spots (ten available):

1. Pyskull//Lynx//Winter

2. Haunting Holiday//Lynx//(Reserved)












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Email me when people reply –


  • can there be two Lynx? If so can you save me one? If not can you save me tiger?
    • Yeah, there can be multiple Lynx. I'll save you a spot. :)
  • Name: Winter

    Spirit type: Lynx

    Pronouns: She,her,hers

    Description: Winter is tall, and radiates an imposing aura. She has unnaturally long fangs and silver hair. Her outfit is a white shirt and gray jeans. As a lynx she is an extremely pale silver. In both forms she has glinting sliver eyes. Winter is mean, and not afraid to tell you when you are wrong, she also often yells at people. If she cares about you she will not hesitate to leap to your aid.

    Anything else you'd like to add: Often seen wearing or carrying a porcelain kitsune mask inlaid with sliver.
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