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Roses, Thorns, and Buds - 2018/2019

I should probably explain how this works. So, I’ve made a few other boards for New Year’s in the past, about what you enjoyed in the year being left behind and what you were looking forward to in the year to come. But this year I decided to do this. 

One year, I did a summer camp in which, at the end of the day, we all shared our ‘thorns’ (things we disliked about the day), ‘roses’ (things we enjoyed about the day), and ‘buds’ (things we were looking forward to in the next day). I took this idea home and to this day we still do it. And I thought, hmm, this could work for a reflection in the year! 

So let’s do it.


My thorns for 2018 were school problems (most of all); runaway Lisas; crazy politics madness I don’t even read in the paper but finds its way to me somehow; being sick; The Great Deletion; and book cliffhangers (xD).

My roses for 2018 were family; Lisa; rediscovering NMG and making amazing new friends; summer musical production camp (we did Mary Poppins and I was the grumpy housekeeper Mrs. Brill) and all the amazing new and old friends from there; discovering like 50 new obsessive fandoms (mostly through NMG, haha) including Shadowhunters (!!), Welcome to Night Vale, Carry On, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, and so on; really discovering my identity as a fangirl (xDD); going to the Outer Banks in the summer; turning thirteen in March (!); making art; getting an Apple Pencil for Christmas; making new music with my band; and of course all the little things like sunsets, breezes, and music. 

My buds for 2019 (!!!) are family; Lisa; being on NMG; my last year of summer musical production camp (*cries in distance*); turning fourteen in March (!!!); hopefully getting into the high school (!!!) I really want to go to; making more art and music; more fandoms; and all the little things.


I love all of you beautiful amazing people so much, and I am excited to see what the new year brings for our community and hope you all have an amazing start to your 2019. <3 <3 <3

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  • Thorns: Getting sick, favorite bracelet breaking, school, and depression. Roses: Baby brother is born, playing outside, and Girls On The Run. Buds: Fresh Year, playing outside, and reading good books.
  • Thorns: Grandpa dying, little sister's health problems, drama at school.

    Roses: My friends, going to school after years of homeschooling, little sister's health problems improving

    Buds: Making more friends, getting better at science.
  • Thorns: Friend problems, crush problems, annoying people, one of my cat friends* dying, my boyfriend moving away...

    Roses: My adventures in my backyard, my boyfriend, music, friends, and a whole ton of other things <3

    Buds: turning 13, getting old enough to do workshop thingie that includes soldering and making music, and getting better at drawing.

    * a cat that I am friends with. Not my cat.
  • Thorns: Drama, stress, awkwardness, loved ones passing away, school stuff, injuries, the "great deletion"

    other little things...

    Roses: My roses are my awesome friends (NMG included), art/digital drawing, my mom passing her exam and finishing school to be a midwife! :D, meeting new friends, improving at many things (such as playing the saxophone), seeing Hamilton, other trips/traveling, being my weird self, NMG, joining a group I really like, happiness and gratefulness. :))

    Buds: My mom getting a new job (maybe), a new idea for a novel, NMG, turning 13, more ideas/goals, friends, going to Harry Potter World! xD

    Happy 2019!!!
  • Thorns: 6th grade, annoying boy problems, friend drama.

    Roses: NMG, new friends, theater.

    Buds: Teater, NMG, Friends, 7th grade, boys.
  • My thorns: missing out on many great opportunity just because being lazy, not knowing what I want, just some downs

    My roses: Traveling!!!, Meeting new friends, seeing old friends, learning to be more responsible, and Lott's more

    My Buds: more traveling !!!, More NMG , less electronics, more acting,

    (Well I guess that's it in a nutshell)

    Happy New year !!! XD
  • Thorns: fifth grade, my ear problems, friend drama, sixth grade, bEING DELETED

    Roses: my friends, marvel, book club, NMG

    Buds: going to Great Wolf Lodge, camp, practicing the play with my friends.
  • My Thorns are: Not getting any part in my theater school's fall musical, and having my gerbil pass away on October 7th 2018 (RIP). But My Roses are getting a NMG magazine subscription for my 10th b-day! And going to an awesome school with great friends! and buds are NMG's ONLINE COMMUNITY and... I don't know it's too early to decide.
    • (correction COMMUNITY)
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