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Real reasons we all need feminism

      It's nuts, but some people STILL believe feminists are angry lesbians who hate men. Or that feminists think they are better than men. Or that feminists think women deserve special privileges. They never were any of that and still aren't. It isn't what feminism is. I strongly believe that we still need feminism--almost more than ever. To be considered a feminist, you have to be open to the idea of "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Although most are now openly understanding the true definition of feminism, there's still a negative stigma attached to it. Perhaps this is partly because of the name--society just reacts to the "fem" part. If  it was called "equality-ism" or something, doesn't it seem like more would be on board with it?

     Anti-feminist campaigns are a real thing, such as "Women Against Feminism." These campaigns mostly consist of women posting selfies with the caption, "I Don't Need Feminism Because..." and then "because I believe that men aren't evil" or "women aren't better than men". In my opinion, it's another example of people reacting to the FEM in feminist, maybe, and not truly understanding that feminism means EQUALITY. Actual feminists do not think men are evil, obviously. Like I said before, feminists aren't angry lesbians who hate men!!

   Here are (just a few) real reasons why we all need feminism.

1. Because model agencies are scouting out people outside of anorexia clinics. (source: trettiotreanledningar.com/33-reasons-to-be-a-feminist)

2. Because women STILL make less money for having the same job as men with the same level of education.

3. Because it's still more dangerous just to be a woman than a soldier in modern conflict.

4. Because we want our bodies to be left alone, and not a constant reason for discussion, disrespect, and objectification.

5. Because 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant. (source: liveaction.org)

6. Because America is still very much a patriarchy.

7. Because female fetuses are being aborted in China because girls are not wanted.

8. We live in a society that tells women to be careful not to get raped (I know this is maybe a touchy subject for nmg, but it has to be addressed), instead of teaching men not to--and you say we don't need feminism?!

     And now, here's a couple great examples of feminism in action:

1. New Moon Girls -- It exists!

2. Women on Twenties Campaign!

3. The Feminist Majority Foundation (www.feminist.org)

4. Say it Sister! --National Organization for Women (now.org/say-it-sister/)

5. The American Association of University Women (AAUW)

6. Girls Incorporated

7. Women's Sports Foundation

8. National Organization for Women (NOW)


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  • Awesome!
  • This post is awesome.

  • Wonderful post!!!!
  • Thank you!!!
  • This post is amazing! Honestly, I don't understand why people think that feminists hate men. I don't hate all men, but obviously I hate sexist, racist, homophobic men and f***boys. I love my dad and my brother and two of my best friends are guys!
    • Agreed.
  • This is so true... Women saying that they aren't feminists because they "don't hate men" or "don't think women are better than men makes me so sad.
    Even in my grade, 11 and 12 year old boys are already commenting on girls' bodies and stuff. STORY TIME so at lunch my friend spilled some water on her shirt and was like "ew my boob's wet" and these boys were like "oH my GOD don't tALk about that we don't want to hear about all that stuff ew" and these were the same guys who put soccer balls under their shirts to make it look like they have boobs and come up to us and talk about periods and laugh.
    Sorry that was way to long but long story short WE NEED FEMINISM
    • Agreed!!
  • Has anyone ever noticed that Say It Sister spells out SIS, which is a pretty great acronym! I totally agree about this.
  • I'm an angry lesbian but I don't hate men... Lol wat, this post is amaze btw!!
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