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Profile Pictures and Copyright—Important Info

Greetings, all!

If your profile and/or cover picture is currently an image or a GIF made by someone other than you, and the original artist did not give permission for their creation to be used elsewhere, please change/remove/replace these images as soon as possible, so as to respect both NMG's rules and copyright law, as well as the hard work and creativity that all kinds of creators (including so many of you!) put into their artwork.

As NMG's Rules & Responsibilities (see say, it is not OK to post:

"Songs lyrics, other writing, or images created by someone other than you, even if you change them for your own work."

When someone creates an image, they own the copyright to that creation—which means that other people cannot use it without the artist's permission. For this reason, when choosing profile and cover icons to upload for your personal page, it's important that the images you use fall into one of the below categories:


  • The original creator gave you specific permission to use their work. If this is the case, we ask that you give credit in your "About Me" page to the artist, including stating that you have permission to use the image. (If you are sharing someone else's work with permission on NMG somewhere other than in your profile picture, make sure to include the credit and information in that post as well.)

OR (better yet!)...

  • The photo or art is something that you made yourself! Photographs, drawings, paintings... anything you create is fair game (as long as it adheres to our community Guidelines). We all love seeing your creative work!

If you have any questions or concerns about appropriate profile pictures, NMG rules, or anything else, please feel free to comment below or PM me directly anytime (and, of course, you can always consult the FAQs). Thank you all for understanding, respecting artists' ownership of their work, and sharing your own creativity—and thanks so much to each and every one of you for being the wonderful part of the NMG community that you are!


Unsure if your profile picture is public domain or not? Basic rule of thumb:
- If you don’t know, remove it.
- If you don't have permission from the person(s) who created the work, remove it.
- If you think it might be “owned” by somebody else, remove it.
- If it is a photograph you took, or a sketch you made, of a public art piece, it is your work and posting it is okay.
- If it is an image of the same work you found on the internet, remove it.
- If it is an image from a photo website (such as Pixabay) where artists give permission for their work to be shared for free, using it is okay. You still need to credit the website each time you use one of its images.
- If it is an image YOU created, post it like crazy!!! We LOVE your creativity.
When in doubt, just go for something that is completely your own work instead. :)

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  • What about NMG sing alongs? That's technically not ours...
    • I think it would be fine, because anyone can sing those songs. If we were using them as a soundtrack for something, our own use, etc., it probably wouldn't be okay, but people can sing songs at events without permission from the creator, so I can't understand why we couldn't.
      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        Once I tried to search for the board and a mod thread with that exact question came up xD since I’m not a mod (yet) I couldn’t see the board and what others said about it but I think what Grace said is true. And it’d be kiiiind of annoying to have to contact the artist somehow every time you wanted to sing a song out loud or via any other method xDD
        • xDD yeah I think they're ok with it xDD
        • xD
    • ^^^ Good question
      • ^^^^GREAT question
  • MY COVER PHOTO FINALLY LOADED! It is a picture I took of flowers.
    • I just changed it to another picture I took
    • Mod
      Perfect! And thank you. :)
This reply was deleted.

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