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There are lots of these "about me" or "get to know each other "games going around, and I really like them. But I have noticed they often have some personal questions some people may not feel comfortable asking. So I thought of this game, since knowing people's opinions of things can help get to know them! Basically, you copy and paste the following list of items, and rate each item based on your opinion of it. If you don't want to rate any item, then leave it blank or delete it. If you want to add any items, feel free! [Edit: I've decided to add multiple sets of items, so it can be more interesting. If you want to make a set of items, PM me them and I'll add them to the discussion!]

Some ways to rate the items: 

  • Faces... D: [you hate it], :( [You dislike it], :| [You don't have a strong opinion], :) [you like it], :D [You love it]
  • Numbers... 1-5 {one being you hate it, to five being you love it}
  • words or symbols...  For example: Meh, nope, useful, <3, <3333333, etc.
  • Or you can just describe why you love/hate of the item using sentances.

The Lists:

Set one-

  1. chocolate:
  2. vaccuming:
  3. Plaid shirts:
  4. dogs:
  5. spoons:
  6. legos:
  7. airplanes:
  8. babysitting:
  9. Crocs:
  10. Glue:
  11. Trees:
  12. Jello:
  13. sitting in boxes:
  14. Phones:
  15. glitter:
  16. Yogurt:
  17. Rings:
  18. Curly hair:
  19. America:
  20. Cats: 
  21. Simon & Garfunkel:
  22. Beaches:
  23. Boba tea:
  24. YouTube:
  25. Cars
  26. NMG ;):
  27. Bridges:
  28. Mysteries (book genre):
  29. The Happy Birthday song:
  30. Fuzzy socks:
  31. Bouncy balls:
  32. roller coasters:
  33. licorice:
  34. painting:
  35. water bottles:
  36. unschooling:
  37. hats:
  38. 3D movies:
  39. Babies listening to adult music:
  40. coffee:
  41. Climbing mount Everest:
  42. nail polish:
  43. jumping in fallen leaves:
  44. Rainbows:
  45. Raccoons:

Set two-

  1. cotton candy:
  2. murals:
  3. Braiding hair:
  4. Tests:
  5. Using hammers:
  6. Harry Potter:
  7. sewing:
  8. potato chips:
  9. anteaters:
  10. crop tops:
  11. libraries:
  12. thunder:
  13. gardening:
  14. submarines:
  15. converses (shoes):
  16. sleeping:
  17. ice cream:
  18. non-mechanical pencils:
  19. toothpicks:
  20. necklaces:
  21. straight hair:
  22. hot springs:
  23. magnets:
  24. singing when other people are around:
  25. doing laundry:
  26. zoos:
  27. taking buses alone:
  28. candles:
  29. tape:
  30. judging actual books by their covers:
  31. Really sunny days:
  32. ripped jeans:
  33. birthday parties:
  34. American Girl Dolls:
  35. Playing board games:
  36. long nails:
  37. making up recipes:
  38. tags (on NMG):
  39. hair gel:
  40. thrift shopping:
  41. dog breath:
  42. writing poems:
  43. lawn mowers:
  44. musicals:
  45. tea:

Set three-

  1. Winter:
  2. whiskers:
  3. digital clocks:
  4. boats:
  5. Having a little dog snuggled on your lap:
  6. makeup:
  7. compost:
  8. swimming:
  9. mirrors:
  10. heavy rock (music):
  11. mint:
  12. sea glass:
  13. bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]:
  14. slippers:
  15. Minions:
  16. Netflix:
  17. hugs:
  18. public school:
  19. split ends:
  20. writing:
  21. potatoes:
  22. saws:
  23. lots of people:
  24. flossing:
  25. teddy bears:
  26. mochi ice cream:
  27. photography:
  28. going to bed early:
  29. soccer:
  30. cooking:
  31. Pandas:
  32. earrings:
  33. California:
  34. Today:
  35. Documentaries:
  36. pizza
  37. the number nine:
  38. dresses:
  39. Fear:
  40. face masks:
  41. Instagram:
  42. dinosaurs:
  43. Frozen (the movie):
  44. making up words and usuing them on a daily basis:
  45. Mondays:

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  • Winter: as long as it doesn’t get super icy I love it
    whiskers: I love my dogs whiskers XD
    digital clocks: eh
    boats: I don’t have much experience with them, but they’re definitely cool and extremely useful
    Having a little dog snuggled on your lap: yes. Please. Every. Day.
    makeup: I’m not into makeup, but I think if it’s used for the right reasons it’s a really cool way to express yourself, your art, your feelings etc
    compost: awesome!
    swimming: I am an otter
    mirrors: I don’t love mirrors. They’re useful though
    heavy rock (music): ugh, no XD
    mint: yesssss mint is the best
    sea glass: sea glass is beautiful and I love the feel of it. It’s so cool to find or buy, too
    bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]: Honestly I don’t find most of my bras uncomfortable, and they’re definitely supportive. I don’t like that it’s expected of women to wear bras, but they’re useful, if annoying
    slippers: I really don’t like slippers XD
    Minions: the movies or the people you bribe with food at lunch to do things for you? I like both XD (have the latter occasionally, and have been the latter)
    Netflix: I like Netflix, thought I hate when shows and movies randomly get taken off. I mean, TUA is on Netflix so....
    hugs: I like firm, solid hugs. But usually only when I initiate them, and only at certain times
    public school: bleh. I think the public school system is honestly really great, but school in general is just so draining XP
    split ends: super annoying
    writing: I LOVE writing, but it’s so incredibly aggravating sometimes
    potatoes: Po-tat-ooooohs >:3
    saws: too louddddddd
    lots of people: also too loud XD
    flossing: I hate the dance, actually flossing is good hygiene. I do one and not the other
    teddy bears: I still kinda love teddy bears and stuffed animals and general
    mochi ice cream: eh, not really. It’s so weird
    photography: I love photography :D it’s one of my biggest hobbies
    going to bed early: depends on my mood. I usually stay up pretty late truthfully
    soccer: Nooooo, not really.
    cooking: another one of my favorite hobbies!
    Pandas: owo PaNdAs I love them
    earrings: I think earrings are really cool, though I personally am scared to get them XD
    California: way too hot for someone who’s lived in Oregon. Though I lived there for a year. I love all the green during rainy season though
    Today: eh. Today’s been pretty good
    Documentaries: I love documentaries so much, I grew up on nature documentaries and they’re very close to my heart
    pizza: pizza is wonderful
    the number nine: oof I have mixed feelings. It’s an okay number
    dresses: I don’t usually wear dresses, but I love them, especially awesome flowy ones
    Fear: afraid of it
    face masks: meh not my thing
    Instagram: Fun, sometimes boring, sometimes addicting.
    dinosaurs: dinosaurs were my childhood, I love dinosaurs so much
    Frozen (the movie): I like it honestly. I mean, let it go gets annoying quickly, but I still really like it, and I’m truthfully super excited for the sequel :P
    making up words and usuing them on a daily basis: I do that all the time XD
    Mondays: the hatred of Monday’s is a little much, but they aren’t my favorite
  • Winter: amazing
    whiskers: :/
    digital clocks: very helpful
    boats: never been on one, and don't plan to
    Having a little dog snuggled on your lap: cute, but a little uncomfortable
    makeup: I never wear it
    compost: amazing
    swimming: not competitive, but with friends, sure
    mirrors: helpful to do my hair, that's about it
    heavy rock (music): ugh
    mint: I like mint ice-cream and gum
    sea glass: very pretty
    bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]: fine
    slippers: I love them!!
    Minions: I never really loved them
    Netflix: I wish I had it
    hugs: okay, but not by most people (only family, and sometimes I don't like family)
    public school: I go to one, it's not bad
    split ends: ugh annoying
    writing: very fun
    potatoes: so yummy (hashbrowns, baked, fried, *drools*)
    saws: ehh, I've used one and didn't enjoy it
    lots of people: depends on where I am, I'm not that claustrophobic though
    flossing: boring/ not fun
    teddy bears: very cute, but I don't own one
    mochi ice cream: never tried it
    photography: very fun!
    going to bed early: when I'm sick, yes
    soccer: one of my favorite sports to play and watch!
    cooking: awful (sorry)
    Pandas: very cute!!
    earrings: I don't have my ears pierced
    California: I would love to live there, but the droughts, wildfires, and how expensive it is...
    Today: going pretty good
    Documentaries: I like history ones
    pizza: depends on if it's good, I love some more than others
    the number nine: I don't like number 9
    dresses: I occasionally wear them
    Fear: :0
    face masks: I don't like them personally
    Instagram: I don't have it (family rules) but I really want it
    dinosaurs: meh
    Frozen (the movie): I'm excited for the 2nd movie
    making up words and using them on a daily basis: I don't really do it
    Mondays: I actually like Monday's
  • Winter: wonderful
    whiskers: cute on cats
    digital clocks: love them
    boats: they’re ok
    Having a little dog snuggled on your lap: heaven
    makeup: fun
    compost: awesome
    swimming: fun
    mirrors: wonderful
    heavy rock (music): meh
    mint: yummy
    sea glass: ?
    bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]: I hate bras unless they’re sports bras
    slippers: rad
    Minions: cute
    Netflix: wonderful
    hugs: awesome
    public school: never been
    split ends: not really something I think about XD
    writing: rad
    potatoes: yummy
    saws: I never really think about them XD
    lots of people: stressful but can be fun
    flossing: boring
    teddy bears: huggable
    mochi ice cream: yummy
    photography: fun
    going to bed early: boring
    soccer: boring
    cooking: fun
    Pandas: cute
    earrings: pretty
    California: rad
    Today: I’m still deciding XD
    Documentaries: boring
    pizza: DELICIOUS
    the number nine: rad
    dresses: annoying and uncomfortable
    Fear: scary
    face masks: fun
    Instagram: has an awful effect on people
    dinosaurs: rad
    Frozen (the movie):aMAZING
    making up words and usuing them on a daily basis: confusing
    Mondays: pretty good for me this year
  • cotton candy: delicious for some reason, but not actually that good (the sugar is just addicting) but so POOFY
    murals: an awesome, creative way to brighten up an otherwise dull place
    Braiding hair: I recently learned how to braid it and now I’m kinda obsessed because I never could before XD. It’s a calming activity
    Tests: Does anyone like them?
    Using hammers: I used to love carpentry when I was little, so pounding away on some nails is really nostalgic
    Harry Potter: really good, but immensely over rated
    sewing: harddd and stressful but a useful skill
    potato chips: usually to salty, but pretty good
    anteaters: lookit the long nosed tongue bears go!
    crop tops: Cute, and breathable and way too over sexualized. Just let people wear what they want
    libraries: really nice to read in and find good books in (though I prefer bookshops simply because aesthetic XD)
    thunder: I love thunder :) especially during a good, hard rain
    gardening: a fun, relatively easy challenge as long as it’s not too sunny
    submarines: cool! But kinda claustrophobic
    converses (shoes): cool shoes!
    sleeping: I adore sleeping
    ice cream: I also adore icecream
    non-mechanical pencils: as long as they’re sharp
    toothpicks: I pick at the dirt under my nails with them XD also good for art projects, but not jabbing between your teeth
    necklaces: cool type of jewelry, and an easy way to get crafty and creative
    straight hair: I have super thick straight hair, and I like it. It’s pretty easy to take care of
    magnets: Oddly fun to stick and unstick together
    singing when other people are around: unless it’s my family no thanks
    doing laundry: no XD a necessity but not enjoyable (I love the smell of fresh laundry though)
    zoos: If they’re rescue zoos they’re great and I approve, if not,
    taking buses alone: I don’t mind it much
    candles: I love candles for all sorts of reasons
    tape: you should always carry around some duct tape
    judging actual books by their covers: Ehh XD I usually pick up a book because the illustration catches my eye, but for other reasons too
    Really sunny days: no thanks
    ripped jeans: I don’t like wearing them myself, but they look awesome on other people
    birthday parties: I hate big ones, but small ones are almost always fun
    American Girl Dolls:I used to be obsessed. They’re still cool, but way too expensive
    Playing board games: my family is a big bunch of gaming nerds, board and table top games are an essential part of my life
    long nails: I usually let my nails grow out to long. Handy (excuse the semi pun) but kinda gross if they aren’t clean
    making up recipes: I make up recipes all the time and I love it!
    tags (on NMG): Katharine’s tags give me another reason to live
    hair gel: fun for styling, I like using it
    thrift shopping: eh
    dog breath: puppy breath is great, dog breath is okay depending on what they’ve been eating....
    writing poems: I’m a big poet, I love poetry :)
    lawn mowers: I hate lawn mowers but they are certainly convenient
    musicals: HAMILTON
  • chocolate: >:3
    vaccuming: way too loud, sweeping is better
    Plaid shirts:*looks inside closet* *views long line of plaid button ups* welp
    dogs: DOGSSSSSSS <333333
    spoons: better than forks tbh
    legos: ehhh, pretty fun to build with HORRIBLE to step on
    airplanes: I hate take off and landing, the rest of it is eh. I don’t like them.
    babysitting: enjoyable if the kids voices aren’t incredibly high pitched and make you want to slap them when you talk ,XD
    Crocs: not a fashion statement, comfy, and all I wore ages seven through ten
    Glue: I ate glue once. It’s tasty. XD. I hate the feeling of glue after it’s dried though
    Trees: I LOVE trees, trees are the freaking best, trees are friends, not paper to do extra homework on
    Jello: fascinating to watch and poke, awful to eat
    sitting in boxes: yeeeeee if I fits I sits. Also when I don’t.
    Phones: my phone is super useful and the way I access NMG. It’s also fun to take pictures listen to music and browse Pinterest. I try not to get addicted to it though
    glitter: argh, it gets everywhere and STAYS THERE forever. It’s fun to look at in a tightly sealed jar or floating around in clear substances
    Yogurt: I love Greek yogurt :)
    Rings: annoying after they’ve been on for to long, but pretty
    Curly hair: I’m glad I don’t have it but it’s usually really beautiful
    America: ummm. Mixed feelings honestly DX
    Cats: I’m allergic, they scare me sometimes, but I like them a lot all in all
    Simon & Garfunkel: I used to be obsessed with them! I still like their music, it’s really unique
    Beaches: I love going to the beach :) I hate sand in my shoes and hair though
    Boba tea: I don’t like it with milk usually, but I really like it, especially passion fruit flavor
    YouTube: addicting but really fun
    Cars: Convenient and nice to take naps in one long road trips. My only problem is the smell of fuel and the pollution
    NMG ;): what do you think? Lol
    Bridges: I really like sitting on wooden bridges and staring out over the water
    Mysteries (book genre): I love mystery books! Especially Sherlock Holmes, my old favorites
    The Happy Birthday song: I don’t find it annoying??? Idk X3
    Fuzzy socks: I like the fuzzy part, but not the sock part
    Bouncy balls: super fun to bounce OwO
    roller coasters: absolutely not. I hate them
    licorice: I love black licorice (though not salted) but I really hate red vines
    painting: fun but frustrating because I’m bad at it
    water bottles: super nice to have, especially hydroflasks
    unschooling: Taking kids out of school/homeschool/or no school period? I have different opinions either way, but generally I think you can learn most of all you need to without schooling
    hats: nice and cozy ear sleeping bags
    3D movies: eh, I like 2D better
    Babies listening to adult music: as long as they’re baby babies and not toddlers who will pick up bad words I think it’s fine
    coffee: Good in a small amount, delicious and a nice source of energy to keep you going when you have to stay up. Bad to get addicted to though, like most things
    Climbing mount Everest: well I wouldn’t but you do you honestly XD
    nail polish: I hate the smell and texture, though it’s a really cool fashion statement on other people, and I like the look, not my thing
    jumping in fallen leaves: nostalgic and FUN though I hate getting pieces of them stuck in unreachable places that make you itch
    Rainbows: gaaaaaaaaaaay (a good thing)
    Raccoons: adorable, interesting and cleanly little creatures
  • Winter: love it <3 Not as much as fall though...
    whiskers: cute.
    digital clocks: I prefer non digital ones. Idk why.
    boats: cool.
    Having a little dog snuggled on your lap: <3333333333'333
    makeup: personally not my thing, but I think it looks really great on other people. I really like winged eyeliner (that's what it's called, right?)
    compost: beautiful
    swimming: I don't like being wet afterward and smelling like chlorine, but other than that its fun.
    mirrors: useful.
    heavy rock (music): n o
    mint: I quite like mint!
    sea glass: so cool.
    bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]: I like them. They're comfortable.
    slippers: I always want to wear them but I never remember to xD
    Minions: eh
    Netflix: meh
    hugs: There are like 10 people in the entire world who I feel comfortable hugging ;P
    public school: I've gone to public school my whole life and I have mixed opinions. In one way it's cool because you get to be around people with lots of different backgrounds, but it's also only fit for one kind of person (that is not me)
    split ends: the bane of my existence!
    writing: <3333333
    potatoes: yum
    saws: muahahhahah
    lots of people: nope
    flossing: annoying. in both forms.
    teddy bears: sweet <3
    mochi ice cream: yummmmmmmmmm
    photography: I've been really into it lately!
    going to bed early: I'm a complete might owl
    soccer: no.
    cooking: :DDD
    Pandas: cute
    earrings: not for me, but I think there really cool
    California: I like it here.
    Today: was pretty good.
    Documentaries: soooooooo boring
    pizza: overrated.
    the number nine: odd
    dresses: again, not for me but really nice on other people.
    Fear: scary.
    face masks: I bought one two summers ago and it sat unused in the fridge for a year. Does that answer the question? xD
    Instagram: I'm really glad I got it.
    dinosaurs: glad they're extinct (no offense to you dinos out there)
    Frozen (the movie): I actually really liked the message. Of course it has issues, but Disney has improved so much!
    making up words and usuing them on a daily basis: I totally do this. My favorite word is "wangdoodled" but it's against the rules of Grace to tell you what it means. I've had everyone have to figure it out by themself ;)
    Mondays: ugh chem is on Mondays.
    • (@eyeliner: it’s called a cat eye, but it’s the same thing - what you called it is good too. I also like the look, and I like doing it for myself :) except I mess it up badly 98.4% of the time xD)
      • (Okay, cool! Yes, I have heard it’s a struggle xD)
  • Cotton candy: very yummy but also not the most healthy choice
    Braiding hair: fun but I'm not very good at it
    Tests: if you mean school tests never had only a single on
    Using hammers: I guess it can be very useful
    Harry Potter: absolutely awesome <3
    Sewing: pretty amazing
    Potato chips: I really like them :)
    Crop tops: I like wearing them in summer
    Libraries: nice
    Thunder: personally I think it can be very relaxing
    Gardening: hmm
    Converses: they look cooll don't know how sustainable they are
    Sleeping: great although I'm not the best at getting sleep
    Ice cream: is amazing for me as long as it's vegan

    Might do more tomorrow but I'm going to go to sleep now:)
  • chocolate: An amazing invention
    vacuuming: A good way of cleaning, but it doesn't do it that thouroughly
    Plaid shirts: Gotta love 'em
    dogs: Adorable and wonderful if they are safe
    spoons: Good utensils
    airplanes: Okay, but they use up energy
    babysitting: A good business and helpful for the parents
    Crocs: Nope, a waste of plastic
    Glue: Tape is better
    Jello: Delicious, if it's not to sweet
    sitting in boxes: Whaaaaaa-?
    Phones: They're good forms of communication, as long as you have restrictions
    glitter: Fine
    Yogurt: Yummy, but as long as it's not plain or too sweet
    Rings: Good accessories
    Curly hair: I think it's pretty
    America: In it's current shape, meh
    Cats: Cute, especially kittens :3
    Simon & Garfunkel: Huh?
    Beaches: Pools are better
    Boba tea: No opinion
    YouTube: Fine, if there are restrictions
    Cars: They could be better
    Bridges: Good modes of transportation
    Mysteries (book genre): Fun!
    The Happy Birthday song: Good, but kinda annoying
    Fuzzy socks: Comfy, though I haven't owned them for years
    Bouncy balls: I've got a collection
    roller coasters: Exciting!
    licorice: Twizzlers? Delicious!
    painting: Good, but drawing is more fun
    water bottles: Good ways of staying hydrated
    unschooling: I would like to try being unschooled!
    hats: Great! All types!
    3D movies: Meh, they always don't work for me
    Babies listening to adult music: Ummmm, I dunno
    coffee: Only for adults, and decaf
    Climbing mount Everest: Wow.
    nail polish: I don't like how it feels
    jumping in fallen leaves: Fun, but overrated
    Rainbows: Fascinating! :O
    Raccoons: Creepy, but cute :3 o_O

    Set two-

    cotton candy: Yummy, but soooooo unhealthy
    murals: Pretty!
    Braiding hair: Fun, and helpful
    Tests: Not a good way of learning
    Using hammers: Only if used responsibly
    Harry Potter: AWESOME!!!
    sewing: I enjoy it!
    potato chips: Yummy!
    anteaters: Why is that even a question?
    crop tops: Eh, I don't like them
    thunder: I think it's nice, but it scares my sister, so...
    gardening: I don't enjoy it
    submarines: Cool!
    converses (shoes): I love the style, personally
    sleeping: You need it, but it can be annoying
    ice cream: My favorite desert
    non-mechanical pencils: Not as good as mechanical
    toothpicks: Don't care
    necklaces: There fine
    straight hair: Just as good as curly
    hot springs: Been there
    magnets: Cool souveniers, but you DO NOT want to see my family's fridge
    singing when other people are around: Fine
    doing laundry: Not fun
    zoos: Only if they take good care of the animals
    taking buses alone: Never done it
    candles: Really pretty
    tape: Wonderful, all I have to say
    judging actual books by their covers: I think it's not a great idea
    Really sunny days: Nuuuuuuuuuu, not the really sunny days!
    ripped jeans: Silly
    birthday parties: I have them every year and I don't plan on stopping
    American Girl Dolls: Overpriced, but awesome. I'm hoping to get Luciana for Christmas
    Playing board games: Fun!
    long nails: No, they're unhealthy and painful if they break
    making up recipes: Only if they work *Walks awkwardly toward the exit* What? No! I'm not implying anything about myself!
    tags (on NMG): Pointless, but fun
    hair gel: Never tried it
    thrift shopping: Helpful
    dog breath: ?
    writing poems: Fun, but only if they turn out
    lawn mowers: Too much gas
    musicals: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    tea: What type? xD

    Set three-

    Winter: Second-best season
    whiskers: Huh?
    digital clocks: Not as good as original, kids need to learn how to read official time, and digital clocks mess that up
    boats: Fun, if you have a life-jacket
    Having a little dog snuggled on your lap: OwO :3 UwU uwu owo Does that answer the question?
    makeup: Meh, I don't like it, but I don't see a problem
    compost: Better than garbage
    swimming: Love it
    mirrors: Helpful
    heavy rock (music): Um, no.
    mint: Ice cream is the only way I like it
    sea glass: Pretty
    bras [idk I'm running out of ideas here]: Uncomfortable
    slippers: Comfy
    Minions: Idk
    Netflix: A nice way to get good shows and movies
    hugs: Only with my family and close friends, but not that often
    public school: No, I don't mean to offend anyone, so please don't take it personally
    split ends: ?
    writing: I love writing stories, at least
    potatoes: Awesome
    saws: Only if used right
    lots of people: Um...*Slides away*
    flossing: The dance or the dental care? xD
    teddy bears: Love 'em
    mochi ice cream: Not sure what that is
    photography: Ok, though I fail
    going to bed early: Wish I didn't have to
    soccer: A cool sport
    cooking: I don't enjoy it
    Pandas: OwO
    earrings: I don't have my ears pierced, but I think they look nice
    California: Been there, it's cool
    Today: Depends
    Documentaries: I've only seen one...
    pizza: Not the best food, and definitely overrated
    the number nine: Idk
    dresses: Don't like 'em
    Fear: Not enjoyable
    face masks: Eh
    Instagram: Not as good as NMG ;)
    dinosaurs: Cool
    Frozen (the movie): Good, way underrated
    making up words and using them on a daily basis: I've never tried.
    Mondays: Oof
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Okay i am feeling a bit scared about Dying I never really thought about till my eleventh birthday And i really need some advice – Anonymous      This is a really big, serious topic, but I want to try to tackle it because I know I would have appreciated it when I was younger. As a younger child, I’d sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and with all that empty time for my mind to wander, I always found it drifting towards death. Before I give any advice, I just want to say that I’m really…

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How to Talk to Your Crush

I have a crush on somebody, and I really like them. I want to tell them that I have a crush on them, but I’m worried they won’t like me back and I won’t even be able to be friends with them. What should I do? -Anonymous Your not alone anon, that’s a fear everyone has when they have crush- and it makes sense! Your admiting your personal feelings to another person, being scared of rejection is completely understandable. First of all, if you’re not already friends with this person, try becoming…

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Making Friends in Middle School

I'm starting school at a new school for middle school (6th grade). I'm really nervous about making new friends because one of the people that I know that go to the school, in my grade said that everyones already made their friend groups. Help! -Anon I'm in a new middle school in the first year, sixth grade, and I was wondering how to make friends. I joined in the middle of the year in January, and so far have been their for two months. It's kind of hard because everyone already has friends and…

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Sleeping Over at a Friend's House

When I get invited to sleepover parties, I always end up wanting to go home before bed. Now that I am a rising 8th grader, I am starting to worry that my friends may find it babyish that I can't spend the night. Any advice? -Anonymous      I’ve had experience with this same problem before! When I used to often have sleepovers with my friends, I’d nearly always call my mom to pick me up when it came time to go to sleep. Eventually, I did start to worry that my friends would look down on me…

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