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There are lots of these "about me" or "get to know each other "games going around, and I really like them. But I have noticed they often have some personal questions some people may not feel comfortable asking. So I thought of this game, since knowing people's opinions of things can help get to know them! Basically, you copy and paste the following list of items, and rate each item based on your opinion of it. If you don't want to rate any item, then leave it blank or delete it. If you want to add any items, feel free! [Edit: I've decided to add multiple sets of items, so it can be more interesting. If you want to make a set of items, PM me them and I'll add them to the discussion!]

Some ways to rate the items: 

  • Faces... D: [you hate it], :( [You dislike it], :| [You don't have a strong opinion], :) [you like it], :D [You love it]
  • Numbers... 1-5 {one being you hate it, to five being you love it}
  • words or symbols...  For example: Meh, nope, useful, <3, <3333333, etc.
  • Or you can just describe why you love/hate of the item using sentances.

The Lists:

Set one-

  1. chocolate:
  2. vaccuming:
  3. Plaid shirts:
  4. dogs:
  5. spoons:
  6. legos:
  7. airplanes:
  8. babysitting:
  9. Crocs:
  10. Glue:
  11. Trees:
  12. Jello:
  13. sitting in boxes:
  14. Phones:
  15. glitter:
  16. Yogurt:
  17. Rings:
  18. Curly hair:
  19. America:
  20. Cats: 
  21. Simon & Garfunkel:
  22. Beaches:
  23. Boba tea:
  24. YouTube:
  25. Cars
  26. NMG ;):
  27. Bridges:
  28. Mysteries (book genre):
  29. The Happy Birthday song:
  30. Fuzzy socks:
  31. Bouncy balls:
  32. roller coasters:
  33. licorice:
  34. painting:
  35. water bottles:
  36. unschooling:
  37. hats:
  38. 3D movies:
  39. Babies listening to adult music:
  40. coffee:
  41.  Climbing mount Everest:
  42. nail polish:
  43. jumping in fallen leaves:
  44. Rainbows:
  45. Raccoons:

Set two-

  1. cotton candy:
  2. murals:
  3. Braiding hair:
  4. Tests:
  5. Using hammers:
  6. Harry Potter:
  7. sewing:
  8. potato chips:
  9. anteaters:
  10. crop tops:
  11. libraries:
  12. thunder:
  13. gardening:
  14. submarines:
  15. converses (shoes):
  16. sleeping:
  17. ice cream:
  18. non-mechanical pencils:
  19. toothpicks:
  20. necklaces:
  21. straight hair:
  22. hot springs:
  23. magnets:
  24. singing when other people are around:
  25. doing laundry:
  26. zoos:
  27. taking buses alone:
  28. candles:
  29. tape:
  30. judging actual books by their covers:
  31. Really sunny days:
  32. ripped jeans:
  33. birthday parties:
  34. American Girl Dolls:
  35. Playing board games:
  36. long nails:
  37. making up recipes:
  38. tags (on NMG):
  39. hair gel:
  40. thrift shopping:
  41. dog breath:
  42. writing poems:
  43. lawn mowers:
  44. musicals:
  45. tea:

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  • Can u make set 3
  • chocolate: Sometimes, I don't like chocolate cake
    vaccuming: eh ;/
    Plaid shirts: No, basically never
    dogs: cute, but I'd rather have a cat
    spoons: I prefer forks, but good for soup
    legos: I like playing with them with my sister :)
    airplanes: I love them!
    babysitting: I've never done it
    Crocs: :( nope, I wore them when I was 2, that't it.
    Glue: ewww
    Trees: I love trees! They are the best for climbing, hide and go seek, etc. also great for the envirmont
    Jello: nasty
    sitting in boxes: umm i don't really do that :)
    Phones: I don't have one, but they are useful, just not needed until middle/ highschool
    glitter: :( I don't like it
    Yogurt: yum!
    Rings: I don't wear them
    Curly hair: cool
    America: great country, but some bad things are happening a lot so ehh
    Cats: !!! awww
    Simon & Garfunkel: I don't listen to them
    Beaches: the best
    Boba tea: never tried it
    YouTube: I like watching YouTube but I don't go on it that much
    Cars convenient but not that cool
    NMG ;): !!!! love!!!
    Bridges: helpful
    Mysteries (book genre): great
    The Happy Birthday song: annoying song
    Fuzzy socks: so comfortable in the winter
    Bouncy balls: they get lost a lot, but they are entertaining
    roller coasters: so fun, but I've never been on an upside down one
    licorice: red is a 5, black is a 1
    painting: really fun
    water bottles: helpful
    unschooling: I've never done it
    hats: good for the winter, depends if their comforable
    3D movies: so fun to watch!
    Babies listening to adult music: what even is adult music???
    coffee: disgusting
    Climbing Mount Everest: not something I'd want to do, but congrats to everyone that has!
    nail polish: I like wearing it, but doing it can be quite difficult
    jumping in fallen leaves: nah not my thing
    Raccoons: :'( I don't like them
  • Chocolate: I like chocolate
    Vacuuming: eh not really my thing
    Dogs: I love dogs :D
    legos: there fun but omg they hurt so ad when you step on them
    Airplanes: I really do not like airplanes I feel like I’m going to fall and omg my ears feel like there going to explode when I’m on them
    Trees: um yes I love trees THEY MAKE AIR PEOPLE
    Sitting on boxes: hehe... yes fun
    Rings: yeah I like the there good but sometimes they give you blisters...
    Cats::D yes I love cats
    Beaches: I like them but I hate getting sand on me
    YouTube:well I think YouTube is a good place to post stuff and look up what you need but I don’t like that some people post bad things on YouTube.
    Cars: I think cars are a good way to get around but I don’t like that they pollute.
    NMG;):I think NMG is awesome!
    3D movies:...I’ve never seen one...
  • chocolate:5
    Plaid shirts:3
    sitting in boxes:2
    Curly hair:3
    Cats: 1000000
    Simon & Garfunkel:2
    Boba tea:???
    NMG ;):700000
    Mysteries (book genre):5
    The Happy Birthday song:2
    Fuzzy socks:5
    Bouncy balls:3
    roller coasters:4
    water bottles:4
    3D movies:4
    Babies listening to adult music:1
    Climbing mount Everest:??
    nail polish:4
    jumping in fallen leaves:4
  • Set2
    cotton candy: 5/5
    murals: They're pretty! - 4/5
    Braiding hair: 4/5
    Tests: 2/5
    Using hammers: 900,000/5
    Harry Potter: 5/5
    sewing: 3/5
    potato chips: 1/5 - I got food poisoning from potato chips D:<
    anteaters: 4/5
    crop tops: 4/5
    libraries: 5/5
    thunder: 5/5
    gardening: 3/5
    submarines: 5/5
    converses (shoes): 2.5/5
    sleeping: 5/5 - SLEEPING IS AMAZING
    ice cream: 100,000/5
    non-mechanical pencils: 5/5 - I don't even use mechanical pencils xD
    toothpicks: Um, IDK? 2.5/5?
    necklaces: 3/5
    straight hair: It's so much easier that curly hair XD - 4/5
    hot springs: 2.5/5
    magnets: 2.5/5
    singing when other people are around: I love singing, but i get kinda shy - 2.5/5
    doing laundry: 2/5
    zoos: 3.5/5
    taking buses alone: 1/5
    candles: 4.5/5
    tape: 3/5
    judging actual books by their covers: 4.5/5
    Really sunny days: 2/5
    ripped jeans: 2/5
    birthday parties: 4/5
    American Girl Dolls: 2/5
    Playing board games: 4/5
    long nails: I have long nails sooo - 5/5
    making up recipes: It's fun! - 4.5/5
    tags (on NMG): 3.5/5
    hair gel: 2.5/5
    thrift shopping: 2.5/5
    dog breath: I mean, I dunno - 2.5/5
    writing poems: 100/5
    lawn mowers: 3/5
    musicals: 42/5
    tea: I will love tea until it kills me
  • Set 1
    1. chocolate: The chocolate I get is Fairtrade, but I hate the non-Fairtrade chocolate.
    2. vacuuming: It’s very boring.
    3. Plaid shirts: :|
    4. dogs: I love them! I love how there easy to teach tricks and easy to walk.
    5. spoons: :|
    6. Legos: I love how you can build so many things with them.
    7. airplanes: I have never been on one.
    8. babysitting: I’ve never babysat before
    9. Crocs: Why, just why?
    10. Glue: It is very useful for crafts.
    11. Trees: They are super fun to climb and they help make air.
    12. Jell-O: I love how I can slurp it up and that there are so many flavors
    13. sitting in boxes: Okay, I guess?
    14. Phones: They’re good for communicating and playing games on. I call people who just stare at their phones for hours and hours zombies.
    15. glitter: I’ve never been a big fan of glitter. It also pollutes.
    16. Yogurt: :) There are a lot of flavors.
    17. Rings: They are really pretty.
    18. Curly hair: I have curly hair and I wouldn’t trade it for anything
    19. America: I wish we had a better President, better food(no more McDonalds), and way less violence.
    20. Cats: Cats are awesome, but they can be annoying. They are a lot of responsibility.
    21. Simon & Garfunkel: :|
    22. Beaches: I love wading in the water, kayaking, and wakeboarding.
    23. Boba tea: Never tried it. The tapioca balls seem…interesting.
    24. YouTube: You can find a lot of information on there. If you are bored, you can watch entertaining videos. I am planning on being a YouTuber one day.
    25. Cars: They pollute, but they are good for transportation.
    26. NMG ;): I love it!
    27. Bridges: Umm, okay?
    28. Mysteries (book genre): I am not the biggest fan of mysteries. I like fantasy and adventure more.
    29. The Happy Birthday song: I’m fine with it.
    30. Fuzzy socks: The ones I have are super itchy, so not really.
    31. Bouncy balls: They are super fun to play with when you are bored. I actually made a few before from a kit.
    32. roller coasters: I would love to ride on one someday.
    33. licorice: Nope
    34. painting: Painting is fun, but sometimes it takes a long time to work on. I like to work with acrylic and watercolor paints.
    35. water bottles: I like the reusable ones only.
    36. unschooling: I like how I am homeschooled more than what unschooling is.
    37. hats: They keep the sun out of your face. I mostly like baseball caps.
    38. 3D movies: I’ve never watched one.
    39. Babies listening to adult music: I don’t understand.
    40. coffee: I don’t like how it is bitter. I enjoy tea more.
    41. Climbing mount Everest: I’ve read how difficult and extremely dangerous it is. So, no.
    42. nail polish: I put it on once in awhile. I love purple nail polish the best.
    43. jumping in fallen leaves: They are fun, but not so much when they are wet.
    44. Rainbows: They are very pretty. I have seen a double rainbow before.
    45. Raccoons: They are so adorable and fluffy. We had a chubby raccoon on our porch, and we gave him some pizza crust so he would stay out of our garbage can.
  • Set 2
    cotton candy: its ok
    murals: they're cool
    Braiding hair: yess
    Tests: NOOOOOO
    Using hammers: the useful yet loud
    Harry Potter: yes please
    sewing: no
    potato chips: YUMMY
    anteaters: idk
    crop tops: they're ugly in my opinion
    libraries: I wish I lived in one
    thunder: its loud
    gardening: 2
    submarines: 2
    converses (shoes): My feet are too wide xD
    sleeping: 5 million
    ice cream: 5 million
    non-mechanical pencils: 3 I use them if I have to
    toothpicks: nooo they can poke you
    necklaces: it depends
    straight hair: it's pretty
    hot springs: idk
    magnets: 4
    singing when other people are around:1
    doing laundry:1
    zoos: 5
    taking buses alone: if it's a school bus I'm alright otherwise NO
    candles: if they smell nice
    tape: 3.5
    judging actual books by their covers: I'm guilty of doing this but I give it a 2
    Really sunny days: 5
    ripped jeans: 2
    birthday parties: 5
    American Girl Dolls:3
    Playing board games:5
    long nails:1
    making up recipes:0
    tags (on NMG):3
    hair gel:0
    thrift shopping:0
    dog breath:0
    writing poems:0
    lawn mowers:0
    2 murals: They really cool :D I painting one of salt box houses on my basement stairs.
    3 Braiding hair: Super fun! I do it every night. Otherwise my hair is a mess :P
    4 Tests: I’m okay with them. I think I do okay :P
    5 Using hammers: hehehehe…
    6 Harry Potter: I LOVE the books. My family read the books all the time.
    7 sewing: Sewing is so fun! It’s so creative and fun. I take sewing lessons, and I am taking a Rainbows and Unicorns sewing camp right now (I’m making a bunnycorn neck pillow). And I’m making a scrap quilt right now.
    8 potato chips: Yum :) I like a local brand
    9 anteaters: EAT THOSE EVIL VILLIANS
    10 crop tops: They’re not for me. :) They’re not bad though.
    11 libraries: “I always thought paradise will be a kind of library” -Jorge Borges
    12 thunder: It’s beautiful
    13 gardening: It’s awesome! I’m not a great one though :P I do have a violet fairy garden right now. :D
    14 submarines: Honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever go in one.
    15 converses (shoes): I always have a pair on hand. They are really comfortable and nice-looking!
    16 sleeping: I can never sleep xD
    17 ice cream: I’m dairy free. O_o I do like mango sorbet!
    18 non-mechanical pencils: sssooo slllooooooooww
    19 toothpicks: Useful
    20 necklaces: Love these. Make these. Wear these. <3333
    21 straight hair: I’ve always wanted curly hair. :( I have frizzy hair xD
    22 hot springs:I’ve been to hot springs all over America. Yellowstone was my favorite.
    23 magnets: >:D
    24 singing when other people are around: Never. Or very hard.
    25 doing laundry: I like it! It’s satisfying.
    26 zoos: If they are good zoos that are actually working to help animals, I’m okay with them. They’re are some bad ones though…
    27 taking buses alone: If you feel confident enough, Go ahead! My mom won’t let me.
    28 candles: They’re fun to make!
    29 tape: Very useful
    30 judging actual books by their covers: I do it a lot xD
    31 Really sunny days: HOT
    32 ripped jeans: I don’t like purposefully ripped jeans
    33 birthday parties: They’re really fun! :DDDDDDDD
    34 American Girl Dolls: I have one that I play with :)
    35 Playing board games: My family does it every Friday if we can.
    36 long nails: I have to cut mine for harp. :/
    37 making up recipes: Fun, buuutt not always successful. They make good stories! >;D
    38 tags (on NMG): bunnies, bunnie, bunny, bunnys.
    39 hair gel: I use it for FANCY occasions.
    40 thrift shopping: ?
    41 dog breath: xDDDD
    42 writing poems: I love doing it. Although they all suck.
    44 musicals: My favorite is the Lion King! :D
    45 tea: mmmmmmmm…. :)
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