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So I am very weird, and so are a lot of you, and that is something we should embrace. In fact, being weird should be one of the greatest complements of all time.


 Me: Walking down the street with my mouth open trying to catch raindrops although it isn't raining.

Person: You're weird.

Me: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT MADE MY DAY!!!!! *Continue to walk down street with mouth open to catch raindrops.*


So anyway, this is a place to express and and act opon your wierdness. You can..... (dun dun DUUUNNNN)

  • Have a weird conversation with someone
  • Tell a weird story
  • Write those weird Funny Quotes that make no sense whatsoever to anyone except you
  • Make up a weird story
  • Or anything else that is approriate, not rude, and weird of course

Sooooo, yeah. Don't judge, be weird, and have fun (the new moto for life)

*don't tell, but this isn't actually a club.

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  • BOKU
    • wut
  • Noooo not the mini leaning tower of Pisa!! That’s me and my friend a while ago. We were making a Santa’s moving workshop on wheels in legos. We were using this Santa sleigh thingie that came in a set Andy we put it on top of a ton of blocks. It kept falling down so we started calling it the leaning tower of Pisa but it started to get annoying how much it fell so we took off some of the blocks. It still fell over but not a single much and it wasn’t as tall so we started calling it the MINI leaning tower of Pisa. End of story.
    • Haha! That’s hilarious!!
      • Thanks!
  • I am a fish but cows fly and Margaret is sad so we must dabbing unicorns ow
    • So the baseball cap jumped over the moon which was made out of almonds, and the ice cream is teal in Indiana. But the lightbulb is cheesy and the dodo birds are doing the floss.
      • And the potato is toe-like demented pizza milkshake. Swiftly supermarket aisles
        • Yes, but the Warg requires that the time-lord produce an eggplant elephant by Friday so they can eat the Subway together
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