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      So I was having a lot of self worth issues witch some of you know about so I started going to counseling and I was told I have Anxiety. I have had Panic Attacks before mostly in school (which was/is embarrassing and I don’t like it but my friends know how to clam me down) because school is loud stressful and hectic. I have learned to live with the self worth things but the Anxiety is really bad. Some of you might remember C the kid I talk about one of my other articles was moved and is now sitting next to me, so we get in aurguments and this one Particular time I dissagred with him and I gave my reason and told him he was being rude (because he was joking around about something irrelevant) he scowled at me and said “Oh. This kid can’t take a joke. Ohhhhh. Look at this. This kid take a joke, Panic Attack Panic Attack.” when he was finished what I wanted to say was “why do you have to point out everything wrong with me.” But instead I simply excused my self from class (the teacher knows about my Anxiety and Panic Attacks and we made an agreement if I was feeling a Attack coming on I could leave the class) I went out to the kinda court yard and keep myself from having a break down, while I let C get away with putting me down and all I did was leave it for him to gloat about it. So getting to the point I can’t seem to get him to listen to me so do you have any advice.

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  • I had a panic attack once in school and it was very scary and a little embarrassing. Ask your teacher if you can move seats, and tell her all the reasons. If the kid picks on you and says, "she moved because she's scared," (and you know that's not true), either ignore him or think of a comeback, such as, "were you scared of me?" I hope this helps!
  • Thank you all for your ideas and support
  • I’m sorry you have to deal with that! I can relate to some extent, and have some ideas.

    First of all, it sounds like your teacher knows what you are dealing with, so I’d suggest talking to them. You could ask if you could switch seats and explain what C is doing, which would get the teacher aware so that they could probably interrupt his behavior.

    In my case, I got a plan (called a 504, idk if you know what that is) that states that 1) in any class I can have my own seat in the back of the classroom [Sometimes it’s really hard for me to be around lots of loud students not doing their work] and 2) that I can have the option of doing group-work independently [for similar reasons].

    Anyway, you could talk to your teacher and maybe introduce something like what I have above and see if your teacher would be cool with it. If it continues, definitely go to your parents or even maybe the principal. Also, it’s great that you are able to excuse yourself and take a break- lots of people don’t even know when they need a break.

    I really hope this helps, and pm me anytime you need! Good luck <333
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    Hm. This sounds serious, and my number-one piece of advice is this: Talk to your teacher, a parent, or another trusted adult as soon as you can. They might be able to get him to stop, and maybe move him to a different seat that's not close to you.

    Another thing you can do is talk to C. Explain - as nicely as you can - that what he was saying is hurtful and not okay. Hopefully he'll listen!

    I hope this is helpful, and if you want to talk, I'm always free to PM <3

    Good luck!
    • ^^^^ This kid needs to know that he can't make fun of you for something you can't control. Panic attacks are really scary, and I'm guessing he has no idea what it feels like, or he wouldn't think it was funny to bring it up. He needs to know that he crossed a line, and if that means involving a teacher or parent, then that might be what needs to happen. <3333
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