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Moonsford is a medium-sized town, known for its river and strange history, with events such as the Crazed Butterbeer Selling being highlighted in most tourist guides. It has shops, museums, restaurants, an excellent college with multiple schools, and quite a few more things. There are a multitude of things to do in Moonsford, and housing is quite affordable! If you have a roommate or two or three, that is.


This is a remake of one of the earlier NMG IRL RPs, which was created by yours truly. It will be your standard NMG Town RP, with one difference - we’ll all be at least 18. Because, let’s admit it, the last RP violated child labor laws. This means you can legally hold a job and go to college (completely optional, of course)! But we’ll still do fun stuff together, just on a smaller, less insane RP-murdering, and more manageable basis. However, in this RP, you can change your appearance a bit, provided that there are no drastic differences. 





College? (Yes or no, with degree if yes):





Name: Veronica 

Appearance: Short and curly dark brown hair, pale skin, an excessive amount of freckles, and tall with bright amber eyes, thanks to color contacts. Usually wears sweaters (either solid color, plaid, or with a cute design, there are no other options) with black leggings, black skirts, and black sneakers or boots. 

Job: Aspiring author, works part-time at a restaurant as a cook.

College?: Yes, working on degrees in philosophy and literature.

Roommates: Aurora, Siri, Willa, and Caroline.

Pets: A fancy rat named Sammy (who is precious and pure)

Other: An self-proclaimed expert on the Crazed Butterbeer Selling. 

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  • Rayna: "Hello?" I say to a person down the street.
  • Rowan: I buy a hot chocolate from Sheenagh. "When are you done your shift?"
  • Willa: I buy Sheenagh a sandwich and take the bus to her work. I walk in and wave, hoping that “fraternizing with the workers” is allowed.
  • Rowan: "Sheenagh, when are you done your shift?"
  • Sheenagh: grace should buy something. I mean, you can't just walk into a coffee shop and not buy anything. I give her a look.
  • Grace:
    Seeing Sheenagh, I wave. Quickly, I sit down at a table near the window and pull out a notepad. I get art inspiration from the weirdest things. Like... Ooh, that lady's handbag. The swirls of green and blue, with some shiny sequins would be so cool for an art project.
  • Sheenagh: Grace! Will she buy something? All the costumer shave been served.
  • Grace:
    Being by myself is kind of boring. I decide to head to a cafe, where one of my friends might be. I hop on a bus heading there, and am soon pulling open the doorway. I smile, inhaling the scent of fresh coffee. Yum....
  • Sheenagh: "hi! Hi!" I say to my friends waving my arm around. "Um, excuse me." The woman I'm serving says. "Oh, I'm sorry." I say
  • Rowan: I see Veronica and Siri. (we're all friends right?) I walk over to their table.
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