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Middle School Tips?



I'm starting school soon and I'm slightly terrified.

Opening locks...





Locks. I'm trying to memorize how to open a lock without actually owning one. Guess how? THE INTERNET.

We're trying to find a lock.

Drama. One of my worst fears. Help?

Classes. Teachers maybe calling on me... fellow students being jerks... not understanding the subject fully...

Bullies. Being teased. Yeet. 

PE. I've met my PE teacher. Honestly, he sucks. He teasing people in a mean way. Also, I'm very awkward when I exercise, so I'll probably be mortified.


Help. Me.

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  • Hi! First of all, YOU GOT THIS!!! You're going to be amazing! I don't know if you've started school yet, but it's not as bad as you think it will be. The locks will come easily, as long as you get in and practice it should be no problem. I personally find that the majority of the drama you're going to face is going to be with friends. Choose your friends wisely. They're the ones who influence you the most, and they're going to have an impact on you. If you don't have super terrific amazing awesome friends now, then this is the perfect time to make some! People aren't too scary, just say a friendly hello and make sure you're with a friend group that does NOT love drama. Or gossiping. Those usually go hand in hand. As for bullies, there will always be crappy mean people in the world, but know that you're worth so incredibly much and don't let them push you around. They're most likely hurting inside, if they're trying to hurt you. Stand tall, and speak up for yourself. You're incredible and they don't need to tell you what to do! If it continues to be a problem, you can talk to your counselor about it. They're there for you too. Classes won't be as hard as you think they will be. Just keep up with your homework and pay attention in class and it should be easy peasy! As for PE, if he does say something mean or annoying to you, just brush it off. If it continues to happen or you seem him/her doing it to other students, you can report it to the office/counselor and they will take care of it. I hope you have an amazing year and I'm here for you if you need anything!!
  • Hey there! This being my last year of middle school, I feel as though I will have valuable advice to give you. Everyone believes middle school is a terrible place before they go there, but it's really not. Staying on top of your homework is for sure a big thing. In regards of your P.E. teacher, try to stay as calm and as kind as possible. If it really gets out of hand, tell your principal about the incident. If you have any more questions, feel free to PM me. Good luck!
  • I'm going into middle school this year too, I am also slightly terrified. But more than that I'm excited!
    Things are going to be a lot different but I hope you make friends and have a good middle school experience. <3
  • ok, so I will try to give you as much advice as I can, but I only have one year of middle school under my belt.

    Opening locks: I use this trick to remember how to open locks. so if your lock is like most locks, it goes left right left when you are opening it. the first number, just spin the dial to the left, and dont pass the first number, just go straight to it. the second number, turn right, pass your second number once, and keep turning until you reach it again. your third number, just go left to your third number without passing it first. it sounds complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it will be easy.


    ok, this I dont have much experience with, but my advice would be to choose good friends who stay out of drama and general middle school social chaos, and to not take part in gossiping, rumors, etc.

    classes: if the teacher calls on you, just give them the best answer you have, and if you get it wrong, it will be forgotten anyways within 30 seconds.
    As for class jerks, I have had my fair share of those, but if what they are doing is just mildly annoying, maybe ask them to stop. if they don't stop, move away. If they are doing something
    dangerous or inappropriate, tell a teacher immediately.
    not understanding the subject fully is very common, and if you are confused, you can see the teacher after class to ask them to explain what you are confused about to you. I had to do this a lot in math class.
    bullies. I have been bullied a lot, and what I have learned is to just say something like, "thank you for the feedback", and if they continue, tell a teacher, counselor, etc. If they are physically harming you, touching you in ways you don't want to be touched, or if they are saying things that are technically classified as harassment or hazing, tell a teacher immediately. remember, anything that sounds even remotely mean probably isn't true.

    PE. I really don't like PE, and I feel ya. If the coach says something mean, you can either A) ignore it, or B) report it. And if anyone is going to be judging the way you exercise, that is low, and anyone like that, just avoid.

    I hope this helped!!!
  • I go to a private middle school, but essentially all middle schools are the same 'cuz the same age kids are in it.
    Like most peeps have said, avoid drama (like friendship drama, not performance arts drama.). It may be hard to avoid, but it's worth the effort. Once you get involved, it's like quicksand. The person you gossip about heard you said it from someone else. Uh oh, and there goes a possible friendship or even simple acquaintanceship down the drain. Bada bing bada boom and no one's happy.
    Classes in middle school get so much more interesting, but harder. Establish a good study routine and prepare yourself for a change in the workload.
    Teachers are usually there for you. Talk to them, but if they don't listen to you find another one or the principal or anyone like that. Stand up for yourself. Which leads into...
    Bullies. They are everywhere, and will be everywhere until you die. You can't avoid them, and you shouldn't ignore them. Well, you should but that won't necessarily stop them from bullying you. Shine some light on them. They lose the power when you take it away from them.
    You'll be fine. Middle school is hard, but it's usually exaggerated. Have fun, you're young.
  • Drama:
    Like Nika said, you should definitely start trying to avoid drama starting from day one. If the friends that you make get involved in drama, try to steer you conversations away from gossip and such. Gossip and drama might suck you in but its always good ro remember that avoiding drama will be more beneficial in the long run. Two years ago, I got involved in some drama somehow and it kind ruined part of the year. I could have easily avoided it by finding people who could help me stay out of gossipy drama. If you are confused in a subject, the best thing to do is to advocate for ypurself. After class, talk to your teacher and ask if theres something you can do with the teacher to help you. It might be hard to approach a teacher for help, but, its honestly the best thing to do. Idk if any of that helps but ya know, I know youll do great!!!
  • Well, you usually don’t have to worry about drama at the beginning of the year unless something goes horribly wrong. And as for locks, I can totally understand not looking forward to them. I’d recommend not keeping anything really important in your locker, and asking one of the people at the neighboring lockers for help, if you need it (that’s what I did!).
    As for bullies, I’m not going to give you the classic advice of “ignore them and they’ll go away!”. My advice is to be better than what they say. “You’re not good at *subject*”, they say? Study it, get a good grade, and s h o w it to them. That should keep them quiet for at least a bit.
    And I haaaate PE too. Just try to not talk to him, if he asks any questions about the learning criteria, make sure you know the answer, but don’t raise your hand, and try to stay behind all the other students, then he’s less likely to notice you.
    And, for a piece of extra advice, try to make friends with the people sitting near you in classes. Then, if you’re absent, they might be able to help you with catching up.
    If you need any more help, feel free to PM me any questions about middle school you may have! :)
    • ^^^ That's basically it. A tip for bullies: If you just ignore them, they'll bully you until you break. But, if you show them what you can do and that you're actually better than them, they'll stop. That's what happened to me and it worked. As for classes, try to keep up with homework and stuff. If there's something you don't understand, feel free to ask a teacher or another student. Veronica basically said the rest. Feel free to PM me if there's anything you want to know! :D
  • Just avoid the drama starting on the first day
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