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In UaY, FoxFeather posted that she'd like a Halloween-themed art contest, and I've really wanted to make one of those recently anyway, so here it is. :)

For this contest, you have three options - YOU CAN EITHER:

-draw yourself in a Halloween costume - preferably one you come up with yourself (as in, not based on a costume you already own or are planning on getting/making).

-draw one of your OCs in a Halloween costume - again, the costume should be one you design yourself. It should also reflect the character's personality in some way.

-create a somehow Halloween-themed OC. They can be a monster, a witch, an ethereal being, or just a normal person in costume. Do whatever you want, just make it Halloween-y.

At FoxFeather's request in her post, I WILL NOT be judging purely on the actual quality of art. If your concept is really great, but your drawing isn't "perfect," you still have a really good chance of winning.


You may submit one drawing for each option (listed above). You don't have to do all three options, of course, but you can if you choose. (I will pick one winner for each category, so multiple submissions are encouraged.)

Try to keep the gore to a minimum. Obviously, if your character is, say, a zombie, you're going to need to draw bones, blood, and guts to some extent. That might be an opportunity to draw a more cartoony drawing so the gore is less gross. If you make really realistic art and are considering adding gory things spilling out of your character, please resist the temptation. :)

Revealing clothes are all right, I suppose, but it depends on the context and how revealing the outfit is. If you are looking at your drawing and wondering if it's too revealing to post on here, I'd take that as a sign that it is and not post it. Better to be safe than sorry.

PLEASE, only ONE character per drawing. I can't judge your art if I don't know what I'm supposed to be judging. :)

Please submit your art by October 31 by posting it to the Arts page and putting something like "For Jemella's Contest" in the title and/or tagging me, the contest, etc. Alternatively, you can PM me your submission or submissions. If you do this, though, it would be great if you could post your art anyway, just so other people can see it - you just won't have to do the tagging and such.

This is my first time doing one of these. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I will clarify the discussion if people are confused. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy drawing.

Go Forth and Draw!

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  • OMG, I haven't been checking this board. O.O
    The deadline was originally Halloween, but I know you folks are busy so I'm extending the deadline till November 10...hopefully that's enough time for you to get your drawings done. :D
    Yes, cosplays are fine as costumes.
    • Thank you very much!!!! :')
  • I'm really sorry, I have a lot going on and I don't think I'll be able to make the deadline. :(
    • Yeah, same :/. I'm really, really sorry. Any chance I could post it tomorrow?
  • Hey, I'm really sorry if my entry is late. I will try my very very best to post it today!!!
  • Here's my entry!
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the tortilla chip
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN and let's face it, you knew this was going to be terrible xD This is my entry for Jemella's Halloween art contest. Chip decided to be…
  • Wait, when you say costume, do you mean like stereotypical Frankenstein's Monster or are cosplay an option?
  • People who are asking to enter:
    Yes, absolutely! As long as you can get your art in by/on October 31 you can enter <3
    • Great, thanks! I'm really excited to start working on mine!
  • This sounds awesome, can I still enter?
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