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  • you know how i've always been talking about how the boys in my class can be jerks?
    well now two of the new girls are being even bigger jerks.
    there's so much personal drama (crushes, name-calling, girls vs. boys, etc.) flying around this year in our class of 18 KIDS, and sometimes it's overwhelming to the point where i can feel physically sick.
    i mean, it's like people are just ASKING for drama! people bring their DIARIES to SCHOOL, for goodness sake! and then they just leave them lying around for everyone else to see!
    i've talked to the teachers and even my mom about it and i feel a lot better at home, but even still my mom thinks my increasing loss of focus (and sleep) is because of hidden anxiety about this. :'(
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    I screwed up my wrist in karate on Thursday, and now it hurts on and off. This in and of itself is just sucky, but I have a all-day karate thing tomorrow, and I have to wrap it so I don't damage it further. The wrap is sweaty, uncomfortable, and we'll be in the woods all day.

    I'm a little worried that I won't be able to participate fully, but I know I should wear the wrap because, even though my wrist doesn't hurt all the time, I could injure it further. But I just...yeah. Rambling. Sorry. I hate marital arts injuries.
  • So, the homecoming dance at my high school is tomorrow (eeeee yay!) I already knew that I wasn't going to go "out" with, like, a boyfriend kinda person (school has been going for like 9 weeks i havent had the courage to approach my new crush) so, I made plans with the friends I made. Well, two nights ago, I was texting with one of my friends from CITing who goes to my school (I hardly see him at all so we were planning to meet up in the library in the morning) anyway, he asks about hoco and i say im going with friends and he says the same thing. Then, he asks if I want to go with him. Naturally, I panic. I asked my BFF about it all and I finally said something like sorry but i already have plans. thx for the offer tho. he was like okie just wondering. then he asked if we were still on to meet in the library i said yeah. First off, he never showed up. Secondly, I saw him this morning and he kinda totally avoided me. I am now sad an d confused. bleh ;(
  • homework
  • this girl who (is? used to be?) my friend wants to go trick or treating w me but i have a feeling it's only bc i'm fam friends w her bf...and i hardly get to spend any time w HIM anymore w/o her wanting to come over and do something, and i have AWESOME traditions w him and other kids EVERY YEAR and change is fine and all, but i got enough school drama IN SCHOOL. must we bring it on a holiday?
  • Okay so...this just makes me feel a bit in class we’ve been talking about citizenship and stuff and in one of the things it says, a few times “adult males and female or men and women can, etc etc in the United States” I know this pops up ALL the time, but I really wish they would say adults, or if they are going to say males and females/men women, put Demi men and women, trans people, non-binary people and genderfluid adults. I mean I know, they just want to simplify stuff and don’t expect kids to know those terms, but they are TEACHERS, they are supposed to teach us new things, we’ve been talking about diversity, differences etc etc, and they don’t add any.
    It just...bothers me

    Also my history teacher, teaching us Roman history, was certain that the Roman version of appollo was Zeus and then when we told her that, she meant appollo she said, oh yeah, that Zeus was the ROMAN god of the sun. She’s...oh my gods

    Then, another thing. So me and my friend claim we are sisters and that another friend is our mom. So wonderfully, it turns out our mom is our dad and had courage enough to come out as trans to us and his parents. However my sister, who says she has a trans step sister and cousin...will not use he/him pronouns. She jokingly was like, “I’m jsut going to call her (I corrected he) a her and she!” Obviously he was still uncomfortable about coming out, his dad hates the idea, and our friend is not helping. She has adhd, no boundaries and is physically harmful when she’s joking around. It also really bothers me that after he said he wanted he him pronouns, of course, she still used the wrong ones, which is extremely disrespectful. The good news is, his mom is okay with it, he’s going to get a chest binder so he virtually looses his breast’s, and they are talking about hormone stuff. But still, after he CAME OUT TO HER, WHICH IS BY THE WAY THE HARDEST THING EVER. She is jokingly disrespectful. I mean she is using pronouns when corrected by me, and he is laughing and going along with it, but is obviously super uncomfortable and I think hurt. Sadly he also cuts, which makes me so so sad, and I just want to hug him, because I feel like he isn’t getting any serious comfort or support. :,(
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