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This world is split up into 6 tribes. Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Leaf, Nature, and Void. The Earth tribe's peole focus on protection, intimidation and strength. Most of them have a few things that they have a soft spot for though. The Water tribe focuses on resistance, kindness, and swiftness, and can swim fast. Wind likes to have secritivity, wisdom, and speed. Fire's people like to be strong, blunt, smart, and intimidating. The Leaf tribe has the best healers, and are blunt, swift, like to help everyone. Nature Is a mix of people from all tribes that left thier tribes. You could call them the strongest or the weakest because of that. The Void tribe likes to be smart, sectitive, and stays away from most thngs happening in other tribes. Here is the form:


Age(10 - 20):






Notes: All the tribes are equally good and bad  so there is no "evil" tribe or "hero" tribe. Also if you are in nature be sure to mention your original tribe (or if you were born there). Another thing is that each tribe's people an control what thier tribe is named after like the Water tribe controlls water. If you have a question PM me about it.

Here's my form-

Name: Reed Leaf-Water

Age(10 - 20): 16

Gender: female

Appearance: Dark-ish skin, curly teal hair with streaks of green and blue, Dark blue eyes, and elf ears.

Personality: Friendly, swift, kind, can get bored easily, still learning my powers.

Tribe: Nature

Other: I was born in Nature but my Mother was from leaf and my father was from water. I have no pets. Homeschooled.



Reed/Nature/Marinara Sauce (me)

Maple/nature/Mariam the weedy sea dragon

Isabel/Void/Len The Astronomer





Saved Spots: 


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  • Reed: I just keep walking, just keep walking...
  • Isabel: I walk about half a mile into the forest.
  • Reed: I eat a few apples and keep walking. im almost there!

  • Isabel: I head back outside.
  • BUMP
  • Reed: Walking there i find a nice apple tree on the border of Nature and Void. i sit and snack there. (could someone be/go there?)
  • Breeze: I sigh as my mom wakes me up. “Moooom! Can’t I sleep a little longer?” I ask grumpily
  • Reed: i map out my path to the void tribe, which is like, RIGHT NEXT to the nature tribe, but my DAD said i HAVE to map it for PrOtEcTiOn! Blegh. i finish and start heading the safest way.
  • Isabel: I walk through a small path in the woods that eventually circles back to my house. When I step inside the kitchen of my house, it looks like Tatiana and Josh are fighting over a... cereal box? Oh yeah, there's always games on the back of it.
  • Reed: I think about maybe investigating some other tribe. maybe not. with the whole "I hate u cause ur a diffrerent tribe." thats why my parents came here. here, everyone gets along, even if they are from different tribes. BUUUUTTTT.... it WOULD be good education to visit another tribe.... ill see if i can go to The Void Tribe. they dont really care about rivalries, AND there arent many Void people here... YEAH!

    (i just realized how this is so similar to the Wings of Fire series(the tribes at least))
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