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Dream school ?

hey guys :)    so I recently though about how different schools are so I had a idea basically you just have to (you don't have to if you don't want to) write a comment about how your acsual school is (doesn't need to be long) and then waht your dream school is and then let's see how big the difference between dream and reality is ;) <3

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  • A super accepting school with a bunch of diversity and more consideration for mentally ill kids. Like tourettes & panic disorder accommodations-- things like that. Oh yeah, and a chill dress code. and I wish all of my friends from my old psych class could attend it :(.
  • My actual school... well, I'm starting high school this year so idrk yet, but there are around 2300 students total there. The majority of my year is homophobic/transphobic/sexist so i have a couple theatre friends. My dream school is a performing arts school near me although I read the student handbook and wish it was a little less restrictive (dress code, language, and PDA are essentially NO!)
  • my actual school is a school for kids with learning challenges. most of the students have adhd, dislexia, and autism. each class has two teachers, and all the teachers are really nice. we do most of our work on chromebooks, and when we do well, the teachers let us go on whatever website we want. (for me its nmg.) a lot of the kids there are bullies though, and they will pick on any lgbtq+ students.

    my dream school is going back to unschooling.
  • My actual school TECHNICALLY isn’t a school. It’s a gifted center. We have alternating days with different classes. You have to take a test to get in. It has a cockroach problem, but we have a pretty big auditorium and cafeteria, and we have “cultural enrichment” days. The last one I remember was Scottish (or Welsh) (or Irish) (idk) dancing. Despite being for gifted kids, we have a lot of kids that... I’m not sure if they even have brains. PE is a thing. Sadly.

    My dream school is purely academic. There is no required PE class, unless you choose it as your elective. There is, however, a recess period. There’s a creative writing class, and you HAVE to take it. All the teachers have to prove they will be kind and understanding towards students. You have to be smart to get in. We don’t have a summer vacation, but we only go to school Monday-Wednesday. There are school provided chrome books, and NMG isn’t blocked.
  • The school I'm at is big with about 400+ students. There are about six classes per year group and four year groups. There's a huge lunch hall and the food is delicious. It has two floors. It is an independent school.

    My dream school would have only my best friends, my crush and my favourite teachers. We would only do lessons like English and Sports. We would have lots of vacations and barely any school! :)
  • The school I was at the last year and a half was an independent study school through the district. It worked pretty well for me, but I was one of three eighth graders so it got pretty lonely. Now I’m going to a public high school with under 400 students and not entirely looking forward to it.

    My dream school would be a unschool/homeschool with maybe 5-10 other kids. We would learn as we felt like it, but also learn by doing daily things like going to the store and stuff. That way I wouldn’t feel trapping In school and in learning what the curriculum says.
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