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Compliment the Person Below You!


This was a topic on the old website that I believe Carmen created. However, when we switched to the new website, it was lost. I thought it was a cool idea, so I decided to bring it back!

Here's how to play the game - it's quite simple! Look at the page and see who the last person to post here was. Then post yourself, and compliment that person! The next person will compliment you, and so on and so forth. :)

I'll start, and because nobody's posted before me, I'm going to use this space to compliment the moderators, included whoever will review this post! :)

Moderators, you are wonderful. Without you, NMG wouldn't be what it is. It's so incredible that you take the time to do what you do for NMG without being paid, just to volunteer and help out. So, anyway... you're great!

Well, let's get the game rolling; have fun!

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  • Simon, I'm afraid I can't do you justice or give you the compliment you deserve, and my brain isn't really doing the wording today, but your wit, intelligence, knowledge, humor, kindness and imagination are a privilege to know, and to be in vicinity of. Your characters are so beautifully crafted and thought-out, and the intelligence of your writings, no matter what on, is amazing to read. Seeing you/your posts around always brings a smile to my face, and to the faces of many others, I'm sure - thank you so much for being here <'3
    • a g r e e d
    • my heart just skipped a beat dear goodness.
      Thank you so much, Sebastian- this has made my night and probably the next few as well. The same to you in all honesty, you are such a privilege to know and be around. I can't think of a thank thankful enough to thank this thing, (I'm also not really doing the wording tonight), but this means a lot to me. Thank you for being here as well (;
  • Mathilde, ditto what you said to Julia xD Sisilton for life. You are super fun and friendly and I'm always so glad to see you around. You are so kind and smart, I love chatting with you. So glad you're ONE OF US <3
  • Julia, you are clearly an awesome person due to shipping Simon Snow and Tyrannus Basilton Pitch! You are wonderful addition to NMG, and stay you! :D <333
    • Thank you!
      It’s true... I have been converted.
      There’s no going back for me. ;D
  • Jeanie, your characters and writing style are amazing! I love your new hair color too. You’re so awesome! :D <3
  • Sophie, you are kind, open, and funny!
    I love roleplaying with you!
    You're a truly incredible part of NMG!
  • Siri, you are so cool! I love gushing about Rick Riordan books with you. You give awesome advice, and are just a fantastic person!
This reply was deleted.

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