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Greetings to all!

If you have no idea what this is about, please check out Siridough's fine discussion: Revive The Loaf Club!

After doing so—once you have an understanding the premise of the Loaf and the related election (coming up soon, on July 10th!)—you may also wish to take a look at my Sample Ballot: Loaf Elections 2018 article, which contains a list of all the positions (*cough* I mean... rolls xD) available, and a simple list under each heading containing each loaflet who is running for each roll.

Once you have some idea of who the current candidates are—or if you yourself are the candidate—this message board is dedicated to campaigning. Citizens of our Loafish empire may pose any questions they wish to the candidates, and candidates may respond to these questions as desired. Debates (*cough* I mean... debakes xD) are also welcome here, as long as they remain civil; simply remember that mutual and breadly respect is a fundamental precept of the Loaf.

Each candidate may also post a mission/campaign statement, which may include your goals in running, anything in particular you hope to achieve if you are elected to the roll(s), reasons why you believe you would be well-suited to the position(s) and why citizens should vote for you, opinions on bread, or anything else you're inclined to include, and I will include these campaign statements in this discussion (other posts, such as answers to questions or debates, will be found in the comments section, but not in the message board description itself, due to space limitations). Some, though not all, candidates have also posted their own Campaign boards, and these—when applicable—will be linked to beneath each campaign statement with the information of what position/s they are running for (the section formatted as: running for *insert name of position*), which should be framed in parenthesis. (Note: This is right next to the candidate's name, which includes a link to their profile page, so beware clicking on the wrong link by accident!)

I will be updating this discussion to include each candidate as their campaign statement comes in; bear in mind, however, that (at least at this point) the list included here is not a complete list of all candidates—for this, I refer you once again to the Sample Ballot.

With this in mind, let the campaigning begin, and long live the Loaf!

Peace, Love, and Bread,
SarahChalla (outgoing Loaf Secretary)



Like a baguette, the loaf empire needs a strong core to mantain its successfulness. In my reign I promise to fulfill the appetites of all those seeking all forms of dough. In past years I have had many experiences with loaf politics. I can make a supreme sourdough starter and I have excellent taste in bread. I promise to make the Loaf accessible to all those that seek it, leaving none behind. More employment in great wage bread making positions will be ladled out and put to good use to make even better bread. For a bright, dough-lightful and promising future, please consider electing the upper crust: MayaMatzo for Queen Regent!
MayaMatzo Rose Pride
(running for Queen Regent)


I am Siridough, one of the youngest original loaflings, and I'm now running for Queen Regent. Though I may not be the best, I will be the best I can be. As queen, I promise better breadliness for every slice. I will strive for fair and equal jam for every slice, half, and crumb of bread.

My whole life has been spent eating bread, and finding breader recipes for all. I particularly love sourdough and am an expert at making tasty gourmet loaves. I will be a good a good queen, and I promise to do my most important duty; Spread the Bread.

Vote Siridough for queen!
Siridough (running for Queen Regent)


Hello, My name is soph a loaf, and I am running for queen! Here are three things i will do to improve our kingdom:

1: improving bead condition
I will improve the quality of bread around the nation by issuing quality checks monthly for major bread retailers.

2: I will support small bakers
I plan to provide struggling bakeries with supplies and advertising, complements of the royal treasury. (There is so much money that could be spent to help small bakers!)

3: active council
I plan to create an active counsel where normal citizens can comment on issues and help create laws.

I can never achieve the greatness of queen roti, but I hope to follow in her footsteps!

Rainbow soph a loaf (running for Queen Regent)


Aaaah, bread. You know, the most wonderful baked good on earth. My goal is simple: Loaves supporting loaves. I love the idea of supporting people (as long as they are good). I have many years of experience in the arts of bread. I will accept and celebrate every form of dough; be it rye, sourdough, e.t.c.

Here is why you should vote for me:

I will support the queen, and respect everyone's opinions, even if they contradict mine. I will keep the holy Loaf Club safe and peaceful.

God save the absent queen, Roti!
jeanie the queer cinnamon bun
(running for Vice President [Breadident] and Secretary)


Hello good people of the Loaf.  My name is Caroline, Lover of Bread, and I am running for treasurer.  I have always loved bread, every kind, from muffins and bagels to pizza crust.  I will put half of my breadly energy into being a good treasurer (I need the other half to EAT bread!).  I do not aim to be the best. I aim to be the best I can be. If you vote for me, I will try hard to make sure you don’t regret it.  Seriously, who doesn’t want a treasurer who’s full of humor and bad buns*? 

As treasurer, I will respect every slice, no matter what their position.  I will handle any assignment given to me with care.  I will make sure that all new slices are fully educated about the origins of The Loaf.  I will make sure that all doughnations to the Loaf ba(n)kery always end up in the right place.  I will do my research, and succeed where others may have failed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Caroline, Lover of Bread for treasurer!
Caroline, Lover of Bread
(running for Treasurer)


Hello, loaflets, elder slices, and all forms of bread. I am Baguettebriusuna, and you are probably wondering why you should vote for me. Well, I have always appreciated all kinds of bread, for my entire life. I know a lot of bread. Bread is a very important part of my life. And I have been a secretary before, meaning I have experience with this job. Please, vote for me, you won't regret it.
Baguettebriusuna (running for Secretary)


Hello fellow loaflets! I am currently running for Breadly Assistant. I would like to explain what my goal is if I end up filling this position: I (of course) will be as helpful as breadly possible. I will make things that will benefit our fine association, such as discussion boards, articles, maybe even some art (if my fellow breads would like)! I will do things personally for anyloaf who needs assistance. Things such as finding old boards, answering questions, and doing any art required. Feel free to comment and/or PM me any questions.

Breadly yours,
Tessa Rye (running for Breadly Assistant)


Hello, my name is Muffindragon, and I am running for breadly assistant. I have been a longtime lover of bread, and I recall that in my fresh-baked days, I always simply took bread from the salad bar, and nothing else. (This is actually true. I do that.) As breadly assistant, I would make sure that the Loaf remained a welcoming place to all new loaves and help whereever I could. One of my goals would be to get all art, writing, and posts relating to the Loaf tagged with something like loafly writing or something so we would be better organized. Another would be to make sure that the Loaf does not become exclusionary and that we do not take over the activity feed. Please vote for me!
Muffindragon (running for Breadly Assistant)
We need the Loaf to be good for all slices. I want to make sure everyone is happy in the Loaf. I want to do my part in making the Loaf a better place and at the same Time I don't want that much power that is why I run for breadly assistant, I want to assist slices and help my community. All hail Queen Roti!

Hear yeast, hear yeast! Doughlitful loaflings, it is my pleasure to inform you that I, Graciabatta, am now running for Queen Regent and for Breadly Assistant.

When election day rolls* around on July 10, I would ask that you please consider voting for me. Here are some reasons why:

  • I, as Queen Regent, will personally make sure that peace, prosperity, humor, and bread once again fill Loafland.
  • As Breadly Assistant, I will assist the Queen Regent in making Loafland a better place.
  • If I become Queen Regent, I will give more flour and yeast to bakeries everywhere, and more bread to everyone.
  • If I was to become Breadly Assistant, I would also make Gluten, Corn, and Dairy-free breads availible, and better yet, DELICIOUS!

Rember, young loaflings,

Bread Rules, and so might I!
Graciabatta (running for Queen Regent and Breadly Assistant)


Dear people of the loaf. I understand that running for all rolls (roles) may seem ambitious, unwise, and even Braggy, and I will not lie I believe I am the right person for any one of these jobs not because I think myself to be above all others but because of my strong and true passion. Take my name, croissant, I speak not this name to show myself but to show a government that I believe is unstable and unright for amazing loaflets like you. The croissant is flaky, it crumbles on the plat before even being touched, it is soft and foamy and sags, never solid and still. Inside it hides its true hollow heart with layers of white fluffy goodness, putting on a mask of joy and tastiness but truly that pastry is hollow. Empty. Indifferent to equality and rights. This cannot happen to our land, I wear this title as a symbol of passion, a symbol of change and newness. I believe in equality for loads of all shapes and sizes from the smallest mini muffin to the largest rye bread loaf. Gluten filled or hollow we all deserve a chance, an equal chance in an equal strong and delicious world where we can be safe and live the truth. We should live proudly and freely and passionately, each of us young yeasty’s perusing our dreams. I can make this happen, in any role I can help make our kingdom into the perfect paradise high queen Roti envisioned for us, for you. Please vote me, queen, treasurer, assistant whatever you feel is best, but please do vote me for one, for a vote for me is a vote for future, a vote for me insures the next generation WILL live in a better breadly land than any before. I am Sophia the passionate protector, leader, helper, lover, adviser, keeper, guide and better believer. Please vote for me.
(running for Queen Regent, Vice President [Breadident], Treasurer, Secretary, and Breadly Assistant)

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  • Here is my Queen Regent campaign!
    Vote for Sconephia for Queen Regent!!
    Hello! I am Sconephia, and I am running for Queen Regent! Although many of you may not know me, as I am a newer addition to the New Moon Girls commun…
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    Note: Since many slices have posted their own campaign boards, I've added links to these below the campaign statements. Right now, I have links for Siridough, Rainbow soph a loaf, jeanie the queer cinnamon bun, Caroline, Lover of Bread, Baguettebriusuna, Muffindragon, Sheenaghbread, Graciabatta, and Sophia_la_croissant; if yours is missing, please let me know.

    Hope this is good with everyone? :)
    • This is great! Thanks!
    • That is fine. I have been trying to read everybody's campaign post but there are so many.
    • I am not on the list of members on the Revive the Loaf Club board and I want people to know I am running for queen so I am going to make a campaign and put the link here soon! And please tell Siridough that I am running for queen.
      • I'll go take care of that. Sorry
      • Mod
        Great! While the Revive the Loaf Club board isn't mine, so I'm afraid you'll need to wait for Siri to have the chance to add you there, I did put you on the Sample Ballot yesterday:

        If you post your campaign statement here whenever it's ready, I can add it to the discussion if you like! :D Thanks for commenting!
        Sample Ballot: Loaf Elections 2018
        Greeting, friends! If you have no idea what this is about, please check out Siridough's fine discussion: Revive The Loaf Club! ~~~ Alright, if you're…
  • Here's my campaign
    ◇Siridough's Loaf Campaign ◇
    Welcome to my campaign! I am Siridough, one of the youngest original loaflings, and I'm now running for Queen Regent. Though I may not be the best, I…
    • Mod
      Looks awesome! Do you want this to be added to and/or replace your original campaign statement on this discussion, or is your campaign board separate? Just checking—thanks! :-)
      ◇Siridough's Loaf Campaign ◇
      Welcome to my campaign! I am Siridough, one of the youngest original loaflings, and I'm now running for Queen Regent. Though I may not be the best, I…
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