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Welcome to the large collage town of Blitheton.

Here monsters and humans live together in harmony (well most of the time they do....). And mysteries are always hidden where you least expect them to be. 

The town has many stores including, The Little Dog 2 (A coffee shop run only by witches.), The Black Cat Cafe, Dionysus Donuts, 21 Forever (a store that specializes in vampire clothing), Trot Topic, First Mate Coffee, and Hexpress. 

Plus anything else a typical town would need.



In this roleplay you will be either a mythical creature or a humen (I would prefer if you were a mythical creature.). And you will be attending Blitheton State University. There isn't really a limit to how many people can join, all that I ask is you try to stay active and have lots of fun!



No power playing

Try to stay somewhat active

Romance is welcome, just don't let it take over the rp

Please make your character diverse (different sexuality's, genders, personalities.)

And please have fun!


The Form:




Species (Ghost, Witch, Unicorn, whatever.):












Major (this is a collage rp after all.):









My Form:

 Name: Oliver Ash Newton


Species: Shape shifter 


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Sexuality:  Bi 


Appearance: Oliver is short for his age, being '5"4 in height. His hands are small with medium length fingers and his feet are large and clompy. Olivers has copper brown skin dotted with lots and lots of freckles. Small freckles, big freckles, and a few oddly shaped birthmarks. His hair is somewhat curly and a pail strawberry blonde, it seems to defy gravity at times, much to Oliver's dismay. His eyes are a glowing gold, so bright and shining that it doesn't seem quit natural. Everything about Oliver glows, his hair, his skin, his eyebrows. Everything. Speaking of his eyebrows, they are awesome. Thick and bushy. Like an overgrown plant. Oliver in general looks like an overgrown plant (or maybe like a brightly colored flower...), and his fashion sense doesn't help that fact. He has a love of clothing that is different shades of green and brown, preferably dark brown jeans and a deep forest green sweater (that's two sizes to big). A black messenger bag is often seen hanging off of his left shoulder (filled with anything that he thinks he might need). And a large to go cup of chai tea is often seen resting in his right hand. His socks are always brightly colored or interestingly patterned, and his shoes are oversized and a light shade of brown. 


(How does he survive in the summer? Let's all just hope he lives somewhere that is partially cold all year long)





Major: Design


Likes: Freshly made coffee, old books, rats (he has a pet one that is light brown and named Henry), limes, winter hats, oversized coats, wool blankets, classical music, and snow storms. 


Dislikes: warm weather, swimming, hotels, small dogs, romance movies, camping, and the smell of watermelon flavored candy (lime flavored candy is much better).








Lunexa Shadowblood/Witch/18/Female/Lesbian/Sophia


Nixie Hallow/Witch/18/Female/Lesbian/Ella Jo


Flora Bishop/Ghost/18/Female/Lesbian/Frankie Johnson


Veronica Clark/Humen/19/Female/Bi/Sophie


Alexa (Alex) Brown/Shapeshifter/18/female/Asexual/Flo


Fay Elizabeth Jones/half ghost half humen/18/female/Lesbian/Gemma





Saved spots:












Please note that this is completely and utterly based on the 'MoonStruck' books!






You need to be a member of NMG Members to add comments!

Email me when people reply –


  • Name: Calla Lily Rayn

    Species: witch

    Age: 18

    Gender: female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Appearance: Calla has dark red straight hair that hangs halfway down her back, and a splattering of freckles across her face. She is tall, and fairly skinny.

    Personality: Calla Lily is outgoing, and kind to everyone. She doesn't care what people think of her, and does what she thinks is right, not what people tell her

    Major (this is a collage rp after all.): fashion design

    Likes: Fashion, her friends, cats, dogs, her apartment

    Dislikes: her neighbor Mrs. Carver, her stepsister Joan, pizza, candy

    Other: can she have a dog named cinnamon? And anyone want to be her friend crush?
    • Thanks for joining, I really don't know if this Rp is going to happen though. It's been dead for awhile, and I've personally lost all interest in it. I really hope you understand and I'm really sorry.
  • Hey everyone a little update, I'm probably going to busy today and tomorrow. So we might not start until Monday. Please try to fill out your forms by then.
  • can we start soon?
    • Hopefully yes. Tomorrow I might be kinda busy, but I'll try to pm everyone who has saved spots, pm anyone who joined when I first made the rp and check if they'd still be interested, and finish my own form. I'll try to make it so we start by Friday.
  • Name: Fay Elizabeth Jones

    Species: Half ghost half human. She is human but can turn into a ghost.

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Appearance: Olive, tan skin with freckles splattered over her face. She has a gold nose ring. Her eyes are blue with light brown in the center. She is 6'0. Faye has long, wavy, light brown hair, bleached blonde at the bottom. She usually wears baggy jeans and knitted sweaters.

    Personality: Fay is very artistic and dramatic. She loves hanging out with people

    Major: Theatre

    Likes: Drawing, fashion, theatre

    Dislikes: Being alone and being bored.

    Other: Anyone want to date her?
    • Thanks for joining:)
  • Plz save me a spot! I'll fill out the form later today!
This reply was deleted.

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