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  • 8 million people.
    On average, every day more than 8 million people fly. They get to and from their destinations safely worldwide. I know this is a late, I hope your flight went well :)
  • Well, for a plane, it's good to be comfortable, like bringing a pillow and/or blanket. Also, when they are coming around with snacks, be sure to take some and a drink so you don't get hungry. Being hungry on a plane is the worst. Also, take off can be scary, so hold on tight to your armrests and don't get the window seat if you are afraid of heights, (I know from experience. *shudder!*) I hope you enjoy the flight!
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    Drink water every chance you get! Plane air is very, very dry and it's easy to get dehydrated. So drink water on the plane, in the airport, and even the day before and after you fly! Before it'll help your body stock up, and after it'll replenish your supplies. Soda and other drinks don't count - water really is the best thing for this purpose.
    • ^^ Caroline, I know what you’re probably going to say, don’t even think about it xD
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        I honestly didn't even think of that. I was (and am) giving actual advice. xD
  • It’s actually rather fun though it can be boring I suggest bringing things to do such as books maybe a phone and headphones if your sitting next to s friend sibling or parent who might play cards with youn that might be a good idea.
    Edit: takeoff and landing are the best part (for me) I find take off very fun and landing also enjoyable as well
  • I've been on quite a few airplanes, so I've got some advice.
    Bring lots of distractions. Books, electronics, food, and drawing stuff are great to keep yourself from getting bored/nervous during takeoff and landing. I recommend music or an audiobook, so you can relax and just listen.
    Bring some gum. It helps with altitude and is just nice to have.
    Wear comfy clothes. Like in a car trip, you're going to be sitting down for a while, so choose something fitting the weather.
    Drink a lot of water. It helps calm me down, and is especially good if you're going somewhere with high altitude like Colorado.
    Bring snacks. Because food is food and you're probably going to be hungry.
    Make sure to pack everything you'll want on the flight in your carry-on bag. Get to the airport early to save time for security checks.
  • YUS. I hate airplanes. Wear a sleep mask. Thats what i did. and its really only takeoff and landing thats scary.
  • You should bring headphones and any electronics you like to use (also sometimes planes have tv systems so you’d need headphones for that.)
    Also food! You can’t bring liquids threw security so you have to either buy a water bottle inside the airport or bring a reusable one and fill it up at a water fountain. And stay hydrated! It makes me so much better when I’m on a plane and I’m not thirsty.
    If you’re bringing shampoo, conditioner, etc make sure they’re in 3 oz or less containers and in a plastic bag when going thew security or else they will get taken away.
    I would suggest wearing a t shirt and bringing a hoodie so if it’s hot you can take it off.
    Personally my favorite pants to wear on the plane are leggings because they’re good in cold situations, good in hot situations, and are very comfortable.
    I would also recommend wearing sneaks/closed toed shoes.
    Bring hair ties
    Bring a book (I would suggest paper back because they’re lighter so it’s easy to bring multiple)
    If you bring a tablet of any kind (e readers too) you’ll probably have to take it out during security (because TSA is annoyyyying) so put it in a place in your bag where it’s easily accessible

    And now for the actual airport XD

    They can be cold or hot
    They can be really loud and crazy or super calm it depends on if it’s a big or small one
    Everything is overpriced
    Get there two hours before your flight

    The security workers are usually really annoying so just take your time don’t let them rush you (because then your toiletries will go flying everywhere. True story. It happened to me)

    I hope you have a good trip!
    If you have any other questions please let me know I’ve been flying since I was a few months old (my dad is a pilot so that’s why)
    • Thanks! I've only been though security once (a museum in dc [WE JUST NEEDED THE FOOD COURT]) and something on me set off their alarms so I had to be checked again *eyerolls*
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