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A Week Of Self Love!

Hello! School's out (for most people), and you deserve some relaxation. Try out 'A Week Of Self Love!' (You can also do a whole month or more if you'd like)

So I'll write self-love strategies for you to use for an entire week or month. Reply if you're participating or have any questions! 

Note: I will extend this eventually to a month, two months, e.t.c.


Day 1Spa Time - Go to your local beauty store (or whatever store supplies products such as face masks, nail polish, and other spa-y items) and buy a face-mask (sheet or mud mask, just depends on your preference). Cut up some cucumbers (for your eyes) and if you don't have cucumbers, just full up a cup of cold water and dunk two tea bags into it. Apply your face mask and eye-cucumbers (or eye-tea bags) and turn on some relaxing tunes (no lyrics), and just chill. You can also light some candles if you want.

Day 2Clean Space, Clean Mind - I know, you're probably thinking 'What? I'm supposed to be relaxing, not cleaning!' but having a clean room actually really helps make relaxing calmer. Tip #1: Organize by category, not location. This means to look all over the space you're cleaning, and find ONE category of item. For example, If you were cleaning up your bedroom, you might choose clothing. You'd look all over your room and find every piece of clothing. Put it all in one spot, then decide what to keep, give away, and fix. Do this with every category. Here are some category examples: Stationary, Toiletries, Clothing, Entertainment, Toys, Miscellaneous. Always keep this in mind when decluttering; If it doesn't spark joy to you, it will to someone else. This will help you give away the things you don't like or don't need. 

Day 3 - Meditation = Determination - This one is pretty self-explanatory - MEDITATE! - Turn on some relaxing music (I like using nature sounds such as rain, rivers, and forest noises) close your eyes, and imagine one color. Do not imagine a specific color, for example; Instead of mint green, imagine green. Instead of royal purple imagine purple, e.t.c. Set a timer for yourself and meditate until it goes off. You will feel very calm and inspired!

Day 4 - Don't Disguise Your Exercise - EXERCISE!!! Whether it's yoga, running, basketball, or swimming, DO IT! Exercise calms the mind, keeps your body healthy, and is fun!

Day 5 - Happy Hobbies - Find a hobby that makes you happy, and do it! Do it the entire day!

Day 6 - Disconnect With The Disrespect - Do you have any toxic relationships? Well, today's the day they'll end! Call the person and end the relationship. Remember: Do not make it an argument. That will make them madder.

Day 7 - Favorites Day! - Congratulations! You've made it to the finish line! Today is the day to do a combination of your favorites from this schedule! Have fun, and come back for updates!



Day 1 - Art Heart - (Thank you to Dragonwhisper/Simone for this idea!) Art, the hobby that can calm you down, and distract you from what's making you sad! You can color a coloring book, paint, sketch, doodle, whatever floats your boat! Don't let those bad feelings stop you from being the awesome, awesome you!

Day 2 - Nature Pleasure - (Thank you to Maya Rose for this idea!) Go into nature! Bring a water-bottle, maybe a picnic and/or a sketchbook, and go into nature and just think about life, give yourself some you-time! 

Day 3 - Stress List - (Thank you to EvieBagel/Evie for this idea!) Write a list of everything that's stressing you out or things you haven't gotten done, then do all of them! For example, if you'd been wanting (or needing) to organize your art supplies or disconnect with a friend. You'll feel a lot less stressed!

Day 4 - Emotion in Motion Do you have bottled up emotions? If so, just grab some tissues, popcorn (or another snack), maybe a soda or two, and cry, yell, scream, and punch things. Then when your parents get extremely concerned, just watch a movie that makes you happy.


The Goal:

To make everyone happier!




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  • Oh my gosh I totally forgot about this but I think we should keep adding to it! I did some of the days and they are really helpful/relaxing in some ways!
  • Are we allowed to give another idea? If so, I have one.
  • That’s a really nice idea! <3 I really could do with this and I will try it at some point when I have an activity free week XD
  • This is a great idea! I have already done some of these things without even thinking of them as a de-stresser!
  • this is an awesome idea I'm going to start when I have a free weekend home and don't have any camp I think that's in about 3 weeks thanks for the ideas but I might swap out some of the 1 week ones for the second week ideas
    • Oh, yes! That's totally fine!
      • Awesome thanks it's an awesome idea
  • I'm going to join, but I may be busy so might not do everything! I love the idea!
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