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A little blurb about self-love

When you're on this board, just post in the comments box something you are insecure about - please, don't dwell on it! Just post something little to express yourself. I find that it can be very, very helpful and comforting to express an insecurity or worry to others. Maybe you'll find the same thing.

The catch is, when you express something you're insecure about, you also have to say something like about yourself! It can be physical, mental, whatever - it just has to be positive and about yourself. A little count-your-blessings type thing. 

(I think that NMG does a wonderful job of this topic, but I wanted to add a little more. Frankly, we could never have enough of support on this issue.)

Basically, I created this message board as a way for girls to feel like it's okay to have insecurities, and also okay to love them.

Hope you all enjoy this :)

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  • I'm Insecure about:
    mostly My looks for sure
    Not being a good sister
    My grades
    Always being stressed about everything
    I doubt myself
    Not having a good voice

    Things I Like about myself:
    I Love dancing
    I think making people laugh makes me less stressed about things and feel better about myself
  • I'm insecure about:
    Not being a great sister
    Not being a good dancer
    I hate getting bad grades, even 89% don't seem good enough in my mind
    I don't feel confident being myself around my crush
    I hate that I am always worrying and am always stressed out about something
    I doubt myself when it comes to being in front of a crowd
    I doubt my singing abilities, and I hate that I feel that that doubt is for a good reason
    I doubt myself when it comes to ever getting a boyfriend
    I doubt my ability to be unique, I feel like no one will ever notice me

    Um....somethings I like about myself:
    I like that I have the ability to play steel drums, something that is pretty unusual in my town
    I like that I can understand peoples feelings, I just seem to know when they feel a certain way, and I can empathies with that.
  • This is an awesome idea! :)

    I'd say I'd most insecure about whether or not I'm smart enough to do certain things and I find that I doubt myself a lot when doing school and tests and such. I get really good grades but I don't really think that your grades define you, which often is the reason I get so frustrated about this.

    I think that I'm pretty good at listening to others, and overall I'm pretty understanding. :)
  • Wonderful idea!

    I'm insecure about my feelings. I doubt myself way to much and never take my problems seriously enough because I always think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, even when it's obvious there's something wrong.

    I love that I am empathetic and fairly good at reading people. I'm proud that I am confident at art, and I like that I write poetry and songs about my feelings, even if my writing sucks sometimes. xD
  • Hi!
    I worry way too much about what people think of me, and think too carefully about every little thing I do, to the point where I pretty much don't do anything. I hate taking risks and I get really weird around a lot of other people. Also, I am terrible at math.
    But, I am good at almost all the rest of the subjects, at least a little, and I play piano pretty good. I also am good at understanding other people, the way they think, how they might feel, that sort of thing. I also get really obsessed with things that I like. Yes, that IS a good thing. It's kind of annoying for some people, but I enjoy being obsessed with things at least, so it's good.
    Nice message board. I enjoyed writing this. :)
  • This is a great board!

    I'm really insecure about my appearance and personality and skills and I have difficulty being myself.

    I'm a pretty well-rounded student. I have my strengths but I don't have too much trouble with any subject.
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    Cool idea!

    I'm incredibly self-conscious and self-critical almost always, and I freeze up socially to the point where I worry people will mistakenly think I'm trying to be aloof or I don't like them.

    I'm good at viewing things from others' points of view, and imagining myself in someone else's shoes/empathizing with them.
  • This is a really great idea!

    I'm insecure about the image I worry other people have in their minds of me.

    I've grown a lot in terms of speaking up for things I believe in!
  • Cool idea!

    I'm anxious a lot and I talk too much.
    I'm super creative and I love my art!

  • I like this board :)

    I'm insecure about my gender identity and my poetry.

    I'm good at connecting with people and I love how thoughtful I am.
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