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HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the tortilla chip

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and let's face it, you knew this was going to be terrible xD

This is my entry for Jemella's Halloween art contest. Chip decided to be a literal tortilla chip, and he looks so proud of himself for going through with a plan for once. xD

Unfortunately I wasn't able to draw more of my small dork children celebrating the holiday (I had planned to have a few others wearing equally cheesy costumes), but at least I finished Chip on time! Hopefully next month will be a lot calmer so I can finish more artwork. :D

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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  • i thought he was a potato xDD
    HIS F A C E
  • Wow, this is adorable. :D
  • OMG I love that. I'm officially going as a tortilla chip next year
    jk but hey maybe
  • Chip looks amazing! XD
  • Oh my gosh, he looks so cute and amazing! And a tortia chip. That's such a perfect costume for him, I'm surprised nobody's thought of it before now. xD
  • Mod S2S Mentor
    bless this beautiful tortilla chip
    freaking b l e s s
    i honestly can't believe we haven't had this before

    also like
    can we take a moment to appreciate Chip's face
    because he's such a cute little stinker like holy fudge
    he just keeps getting more and more cute Cat i can't take this
    his round face with that precious toothy grin and his f r e c k l e s
    i just feel blessed looking at it honestly
    you draw him so good ;;v;;

    (also o m g ace hardware
    that image is just
    too good
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