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Ayire Savlaku for Maias Character Creation Contest

So yeah, I decided to draw my character. Here's the form; http://nmgmembers.com/fiction/ayire-savleku-for-maias-character-creation-contest  Idk if anyone will want me too, but I can do peoples characters if they want?

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    Ooh, this is fantastic!! I had no idea you could draw so well! I'd be honored if you could draw a picture of my character, Anya Starchild (http://nmgmembers.com/fiction/anya-starchild-for-maia-s-character-c...) - thanks so much for the offer! :D
    • Thank you! I'll do it as soon as I can! :)
  • This is great! You draw wonderfully! Everything is so precise and realistic! Amazing how you managed to make the hands NOT look like sausages! XD
    • Thanks!! :)
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