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Sister to Sister: Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is an activity that I would recommend to anyone because of its creativity, uniqueness, and fun. I’m obsessed with musicals, whether I’m watching them, listening to them, or performing in them. When I was eight years old, I performed in my first musical and loved the rehearsal process. The play was a Christmas play about Santa and his elves, and although I don’t remember the whole plot, some of the songs are still stuck in my head. Since then, I’ve performed in many musicals and showcases, and I love every show. 

Although musical theatre is one of my favorite things, it can also be nerve-wracking at times. One of the scariest parts about musical theatre for me, even scarier than performing, is the audition process. When I was younger, I always seemed to lose my voice during auditions. However, I eventually learned that losing my voice was usually caused by my nervousness. To stop my nerves from affecting my audition, I started finding ways to stay calm. One of the things that helps me the most is being one hundred percent confident about the song I’m singing- both the lyrics and notes. If I wait until the last minute to learn a song, chances are I won’t sing it as well. Another thing that helps me is warming up before the audition so my voice is ready to sing. Warm ups don’t have to take hours- just a five minute warm up can be extremely helpful before an audition. Also, I always remember to drink water, which helps my throat and keeps my voice from cracking. If I warm up and drink water, I won’t worry as much about my voice cracking or not sounding my best.

After learning these tips and doing my best to apply them to my singing, I finally got my first solo. For one of my showcases, everyone had to learn a song and audition in front of the whole class. I remember practicing in my room countless times, making sure I could hit all the notes and project my voice well. When it was time for the audition, I was so nervous, but I tried to forget about my nerves and enjoy singing the song. As I sang, I realized that my voice didn’t disappear like usual. After I finished the song, my friends cheered for me, and I was both happy that the audition went well and nervous about my chances of getting a callback. The next day after callbacks, my classmates and I waited in anticipation for the director to say who received a solo. When he pointed at me, I was ecstatic beyond words, and I couldn’t wait to perform.

Performing is the most incredible part of musical theatre for me. When I’m on stage in front of an audience, I feel like I can truly be myself, even though I’m acting in the role of a certain character. Although I’m usually a little nervous backstage, the moment I step on stage, I feel like I become the character. This is what I love about acting. Dance and choreography are also very important to a musical. I’ve learned that for me, the best way of memorizing choreography is to practice it over and over while listening to and singing the music. Sometimes I have a hard time memorizing difficult parts of choreography, so I’ll always ask the dance teacher for help if I need it. No matter how much time and effort I put into a performance, it is always worth it.

I hope these tips are helpful! What do you think about musical theatre? Let me know in the comments below!


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Alexandra is sixteen years old. She wants to be a writer and singer when she grows up.

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  • ^^^^ I <3 musical theatre as well!! When I got my first big role in a musical, it was in fifth grade and I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, and I was SUPER FREAKED OUT cuz I was super shy back then. But, after a lot of support from my friends and the directors, the show went on and I absolutely adore performing for audiences now!!!
  • This is cool! I LOVE musical theater, but I don't like performing, so help backstage which is awsome. =)
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