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Sister to Sister: Finals and Projects

Finals week can be a stressful experience, but if you plan early, there’s nothing to worry about. This is why I’m posting tips about preparing for finals week a couple of months before finals start for most people, although a lot of the skills I use for finals can be helpful for other tests too.

It can be hard to avoid procrastination before finals week. It’s always tempting to put off studying for finals until the day before. However, it pays off to start early. One of the things that I’ve learned after three years of high school finals is that it’s important to take notes throughout the school year. When it’s time to study for finals, organize your notes and anything else you’ll need to study. If your notes are organized, it’s much easier to find what you need. I usually organize my notes before I start studying, to make sure I can study everything I’ll need to know for finals.

Another thing I’ve learned is to fill out any kind of study guide the teacher gives you. Usually, the material on the study guide will be the same as the questions on the test. If you memorize everything in the study guide, there’s a good chance you’ll ace your finals. Sometimes, I’ve found questions on the study guide where I couldn’t find the answer in my notes. In these cases, I ask a teacher if he or she can help me. Teachers are usually more than happy to help if students need it.

In addition to getting help from a teacher, it’s also a good idea to start a finals study group with friends from your class. Studying together is fun, and friends can also help you learn. Your group can make flashcards and quiz each other, talk about the material on the test, or anything else that helps you learn. However, it’s important to avoid getting distracted. If your friends spend a lot of time on social media (or anything else that’s not related to school) while you’re studying, I would recommend studying by yourself as well to make sure you’re prepared for the test.

Sometimes, classes require you to complete projects as well as finals. Projects might be assigned during finals week, but they are also common during the rest of the school year. Some projects that I’ve been assigned include preparing a skit in Spanish with a group, making a poster that describes an event in history, and writing essays for English. Like studying for finals, it’s important to start projects early. I usually make a schedule that outlines what I need to do for the project and when I’m going to do it. If the teacher gives you a rubric for the project, try your best to follow it. A rubric for a project is like the study guide for a test- if you do or learn everything it says, you’re probably going to get an awesome grade.

Finally, make sure you take care of yourself during finals week. A lot of people talk about pulling all-nighters to study, but all-nighters can make you more tired during your finals. If you start studying early, you’ll probably only need to spend an hour or two (or less, depending on your class) studying the night before your final. You’ll know all the material for your final and have plenty of energy to take the test.

Even though it’s only November, I’m already organizing my notes to start studying for finals. What do you think about finals? What are your best tips for studying? Let me know in the comments below!


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