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Sister to Sister: Family and Friends

During the holiday season, many people travel to visit family and friends or invite them over. Visiting family and friends can be a lot of fun. I always like talking to people in my extended family who I haven't seen in a while, and it gives us a chance to discuss what's going on in our lives. It's especially fun if you and your family members are close friends. I have friends who consider their siblings their best friends, and I think that's awesome.

However, not everyone always gets along with their family so well. My dad and I used to argue all the time because I felt like he thought I wasn't "mainstream" enough. He would always ask me when I would be hanging out with friends when I would rather be writing or singing. Although I loved hanging out with friends, it wasn't the only thing I liked. Now, I've learned that there's nothing wrong with wanting to be alone sometimes, and I think some of my greatest talents come from the time I spent alone working on a novel or learning a song. I also get along better with my dad than I used to. Whenever he asks me if I'm hanging out with friends, I tell him the truth- confidently. I'll say yes if I plan to hang out with friends that day. If not, I'll say no and tell him I'm working on a novel.

In addition to being confident about who I am, finding shared interests to talk about also helps me get along with my family. My dad and I both like music, learning about colleges, and movies, so we talk about those things. My mom and I talk about different things, since she does not care as much about whether I'm "mainstream." I also have three younger brothers, and it's sometimes difficult to find shared interests with them. The oldest of my brothers likes sports, especially tennis. Although I think sports are cool, I'm more interested in the arts. My two youngest brothers like video games, and I don't play video games. Our lack of shared interests has caused my brothers and I to grow apart over the years, however, we can still sometimes find things to talk about. Sometimes I'll tell them funny stories about things that happen at rehearsal, or my brother will tell stories about tennis.

I've learned that making an effort to get along with my family makes me much happier. Making friends, as well as getting along with family, is also important for me. I've been to three different high schools, so I've learned a lot about making and keeping new friends. One thing that I would recommend is finding friends who are sincere. Some of the people I meet like to pretend to be someone's friend and then gossip about them to other people. When I'm around people who do this, I act polite and friendly to them, but I don't tell them secrets or personal information. However, I'm able to talk to sincere friends about anything, which is why I'm always grateful for them.

Sometimes it's difficult for me to figure out who is sincere and who isn't. My strategy is to get to know someone before I decide whether I can trust them. If you tell someone a small secret and they tell the whole school, it's probably best not to trust them with a more important secret. Despite this, sometimes people can be great friends but can't keep secrets. They aren't trying to hurt me by telling my secret, instead, they might forget that I didn't want them to tell anyone. I'm friends with some people who can't keep secrets, and I think they're awesome. However, I only tell secrets to people who can keep them.

Learning to get along with my family and make friends has been a valuable life lesson for me. What are your experiences with family and friends? Do you have any tips or advice you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

- Alexandra

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Alexandra is sixteen years old. She wants to be a writer and singer when she grows up.

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  • I love it!! I can completely relate to this post, and it has really made me reconsider how I was feeling about the fact I was single. Also, the illustrations really add an element of friendliness and fun. <3
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