Today when I am out and about, I seem to be one of the only teens without a smartphone.  When I look around at all the people who are checking their phones constantly, I feel so glad that I am not one of them.  People miss so much when they are looking down at the tiny, glowing screens of their phones.  I feel like they are missing out on life.  Phones are wonderful for keeping in touch with family and friends that live far away, but so many things that people do on their phones is much less meaningful and worthwhile.

My dad used to spend so much time on his phone.  What was he doing?  When I asked or looked over his shoulder, I saw that he was snapchatting little snippets of himself talking in a weird voice with bunny ears and a mustache put on his face.  I felt like he was obsessed, practically addicted.  For many teens, it seems like the moment they stop doing something physical or put their phone away, they start complaining about being bored.  Then they pull their phones out again and start playing games or aimlessly flipping through pictures.

I am so extremely glad that I am not one of those people.  I feel like I get to experience life so much more fully because I am not stuck on a phone.   It is very true though, that there are times I wish I could have a phone just so that I could maybe be in the loop more.  But when I really think about it, having a phone would, by appearance, make me fit in, but first of all, none of my friends have or use smartphones regularly and secondly, I would despise being so attached to a phone.  Of course too, I am pretty sure that I would get terribly tired of my friends.

In conclusion, I feel that I am extremely lucky to not feel the need or pressure to have a smartphone, though there are many upsides to having one.  And I also think that the things that would be available to me if I had a phone would just pressure me and influence me to want more and more things that I don’t need or want.

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  • I don't have one and i feel left out from the rest of the world even my seven year old cousin has one
  • I have a smartphone, but no social media or internet. I know that social media are huge mot My mom and I have a respectful relationship and I signed a contract, we're all good. I'm glad I'm not addicted to my phone either.
  • I can agree with this but I like it because I can listen to stories on long car trips and listen to music on the bus. My brother can be glued to his screen to and I am trying to get better about it and I think I defently am, I now relize how anoying it is!
    • Yeah, I can imagine that it would be useful for listening to things in the car.
  • I got a phone for when I went to camp, but it was really cheap and doesn't work well, so I don't use it. I figure, I spend enough time on my iPad and laptop when I'm at home, so why would I need to be on a screen when I'm out and about, too?
    • Good point! I feel the same way.
  • Congrats on getting this featured!
    • Thank you, Caroline!! I know, I'm really excited that they featured it!
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    Great article, Jonah!

    I got a smartphone over the summer (before that, I had a flipphone, just for reasons of safety/communication for when I'm somewhere alone), but I practically never use it, so... xD (I only have it all because my uncle got my grandparents free "upgraded" phones at a discount price thanks to his job, so they gave us their old "castoffs". ;)) I agree with you!
    I do think that there's definitely a time and a place for smartphones can be useful, so I'm hesitant to cast a blanket categorization of negativity over them even when used in extreme moderation. That said, I definitely believe that they are vastly overused, and can be disturbingly addicting. And I also consider myself very lucky that I didn't grow up with a phone, even if I do have one now. :)

    Anyway, thanks for writing!!
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