Is This Really News?

By Cloud

A 64-year-old man from Lunaville, New Moonland asked this question at 12: 34 on Sunday, January 7th of 2018. He was at his table for lunch and was reading an article from NEW MOON DAILY. The article in question was a three-columned, two pager about Foxilla. The article was dense and well-spoken, with fearless verbs, abundant adjectives, and a strong news standpoint.

“Is this really news?” he asked, tossing down his mug of coffee and staring at his wife, Irene. “When I was young, we would hear real news: the ball games, the wars, the dead men on the streets! This is nuttin’! These kids learn nuttin! This community is nuttin’! Why dah we continue!”

Sadly, we were given no more info on this because Irene began crying after quoting his ferocious “nuttin’” line.

This is news. We are NMG Trained New Moonland Writers who work around the clock to make these articles as truthful and strong as possible. We report for the good of reporting, and only that. We spread the news we can and it is our promise that it is true.

This article has been printed in all New Moonland and Lunaville areas.


The Cat Club

By Veronica

Mondays. My worst enemy… and my best friend.

As much as I hate going to school, I still enjoy talking to friends. And, of course, the clubs.

The clubs are my main focus today, because there’s only one week in the entire year that I can sign up for them. And it’s this week.

When I woke up, I changed into my outfit right away. Usually, I waited until I was fully awake, but today was special.

I put on a green sleeveless shirt and a black leather jacket, with faded blue jeans and black combat boots. I brushed my poofy black hair, which is about hip length, until it was neat enough to be considered hair, and not some rat’s nest that I had decided to put on my head.

When I was done, I left my room and went into the kitchen, to pour myself a bowl of cornflakes. My parents were already at work, but I didn’t really mind. After I finished my cornflakes, I went outside, got on my bike, and went to school.

The first two classes were fairly average, except the other students were talking about the clubs they wanted to join. I already knew which ones I wanted to join. The Newspaper Club, Debate Club, Drama Club, and Ecology Club.

Little did I know, I would want to join one more.

When it was finally time for lunch, I asked if I could go to the Main Office to sign up for some clubs. My teacher nodded and I went to the Main Office.

“Hello, are you here to sign up for some clubs?” The secretary asked, and I nodded. She handed me a pen and a sheet of paper. I checked the boxes for the clubs I wanted to join, but I saw a club I didn’t know about.

“Excuse me, what’s the Cat Club?” I asked.

“A club for ailurophiles. Er, cat lovers. Nobody knows what ailurophile means… anyway! I heard they have live cats.” The secretary replied.

Needless to say, I checked the box.





by Mathilde

The definition of Islamophobia is "an intense fear or hatred of, or prejudice against, the Islamic religion or Muslims." from Wikipedia.

I don't know why is is called Islamophobia. Is it a phobia? Or a label for fear and hate, a sorry excuse? After terrorist attacks (9/11), it is understandable to be afraid. But you should be afraid of the terrorists themselves, not their religion. Hitler shared the same beliefs as Christians, but would you blame Christians for Hitler? It is easy to place blame and be afraid. But we must be strong together. I have met several Muslims throughout my life. My close school friend is Muslim. Her family is wonderful. A schoolmate of mine is Muslim, and we're always talking about politics. Muslims are regular people, just as Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Atheists are. It is easy to place blame and be afraid. But we must be strong and defeat fear together. If you see someone harassing someone about being Muslim or their hijab, etc., sit down next to them and wait till the harasser is gone. Just remember to be safe, and do this when you're older maybe. But keep it in mind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              How to defeat fear #1: Don't believe fake news. (Be critical of your news sources: some good ones are Al Jazeera, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and Wall Street Journal. You can listen to NPR as well.)


The Importance of Unicorns

By Veronica


Unicorns. These majestic creatures have appeared frequently in mythology and pop culture. But why should we care about them?

  1. Unicorns are symbols of peace, love, and happiness. They do this better than doves, because DOVEwing attacked things, so...
  2. Voldemort killed a unicorn. We must protect them now.
  3. Unicorn wool is our main source of tinsel and glitter. (And, yes, it is hard to get the wool. But no unicorns are harmed.)
  4. ThinkGeek has an section dedicated to them, and ThinkGeek would make less money without unicorns.
  5. They have their own emoji!
  6. Plastic unicorn masks make excellent Halloween costumes.

As you can see, unicorns are extremely important, and they should be treated like the kings and queens they are!


Writing Prompt

By Lucy

The air suddenly drops a few degrees, and I pull my cloak a little tighter around me. I nervously. glance around the crowded graveyard, then check my watch. I look back at the letter, noting that the writer is late. Meet me in the graveyard at midnight if you want to find out...



A Feeling Called Regret-Preview

By Neorah

It’s the twentieth day. Ten o’ clock strikes and Molly slaps the closed sign on the restaurant door. “Well, time to close up shop,” she sighs and grunts in her usual way. “April?”


“Would you mind staying late again and recording our earnings from today?” she asks me, as she turns her key in the lock. Then she wipes her brow, sweaty from the summer heat and long day of work.

“No problem!” I chirp in my ever positive tone.

“Thank you for always being so helpful. I’ll make sure to give you a raise as soon as business speeds up.”

“No,” I reply, “you really don’t need to do that. I know that you’re not earning as much as you should be. I mean, you run this whole place, I’m just a waitress. That must put a lot of stress on your shoulders. If anyone deserves a raise it’s you.”

“Do you know how grateful I feel for all the help you’ve given me for the last two years? It means a lot to me. Just take the raise, it’s the least I can do.”

“I’ll think about it.” I give her the smallest hint of a smile before she walks away into the kitchen to clean up.

Finally I hear Molly’s red heels click on the hard floor. The back door clicks shut. It’s time.

I walk over to the register and turn my key in the drawer.

After counting the money, I go through my usual routine.

I take out $20 for myself.

Yes, I guess you could call me a thief.


Long Term Member Resigns

By Cloud

Amanda Julbrigs, long term member of the Lunaville Johnson Branch has rescebrky resigned! She wishes to spend more time with her family in this time.

Julbrigs's son, Thomas, has recently graduated from New Moonland Society University! She is immensely excited for him and will accompany him to a tour of a workplace. (Not to be revealed for personal reasons)

"It's not exactly retiring," she said. "I'm resigning from my previous post. In a few months I'm going to run for Lunaville Senator!"

Amanda Julbrigs's fellow Congresspeople will be throwing a surprise party tomorrow! Come on down to the Blue House for the celebration!


Shout Outs:

Shout out by Neorah

I would like to give a shout out to Indira ( ). She has only been a member for 2 weeks, and already she has contributed so much to the NMG community. Indira is kind and creative. She enjoys dancing, art, writing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. She cares about making a difference in the world, especially for females. Indira has created 2 awesome roleplays. They are , and . You should definitely check them out! She has also started writing a chapter book. Check out the first 2 chapters here: , and . Indira has been a very valuable member of NMG so far :)


Baked Artichoke with Lemon and Garlic Dip (Anika's Original Recipe)
This is one of the most flavorful meals I’ve ever put together. This refreshing and warming dish is great for any season, and is a perfect meal if you want something filling. 
1 medium/large artichoke, or 2-3 baby artichokes 
1 lemon, or 4 teaspoons of lemon juice 
1/3 stick of butter
5 teaspoons jared garlic, or freshly minced garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Vegan butter alternative:
2 teaspoons olive oil
2 tablespoons waters 
Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Wrap artichoke/s in tin foil, then put in oven. Of you have a large/medium artichoke, set the timer for 75 minutes. If you have baby artichokes, set the timer for 35 minutes.
When your artichoke is half way done, remove the foil. 
When 10 minutes is left, add all of your sauce ingredients together. Microwave until butter is melted (of vegan, approximately 30 seconds). 
When artichoke is done, serve on plate. Have an extra bowl to discard leaves in. Then dip the leaves and enjoy!!!




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  • This is really great! A Feeling Called Regret was like O.O I want to read this! Lucy's prompt is just I AM WRITING THIS INTO A NOVEL. Anika's recipe is like I would try that! The Importance of Unicorns was just Whoop! This is so awesome! But the things that were probably best were Long Term Member Resigns and Is This Really News? Those articles were like, I would give all the moon coins in the world to the person who wrote them.
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