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Kennith replied to Julia is with Standing Rock's discussion Yourself RP
"Name: Ava

Age: 13

Personality: Seems a bit distant, but is actually only like that because I'm so…"
1 minute ago
Eleanor commented on Sarah's article Refugees Welcome
"Wow, this is such an amazing poem. It's very powerful, and carries such a good message. They should…"
8 minutes ago
Kennith replied to Valeparatha's discussion Updates about you!
"Hello everyone! I was just wondering if you guys could help me with a little project I'm doing, jus…"
18 minutes ago
Sarah replied to Rest In Peace, Carrie's discussion The Last Thing You Said Out Loud
""I hope we don't have a mouse in the trap, 'cause if so, I just terrified it.""
38 minutes ago

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